We do all the hard work for you…

We work with your vision and make sure they come to reality. Making your dreams come true is truly what we do for a living

Our Clients says “They provide the vision, but we provide the solution” and that is what we do. We design, manage, and develop custom web applications that suit you and your business. All you have to do is to imagine it, then we create it.


CMSFolks is a online web solution the gives digital advice to business (Small and Large) and corporate organization and individuals. We provide Web design & development, digital campaign etc.

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Our Services

Web Design and Development

We help businesses unleash their full potentials through modern and functional designs that make their competitors jealous.

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Digital Campaign

We help businesses find, attract and convert their target audience through an effective and time-tested digital marketing methodology.

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Branding and Originality

We help both new and existing businesses stand out creatively and communicate effectively through inspiring branding and creative services.

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Site Engine Optimization

Our SEO is strategies, techniques and tactics is to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results

Web Security and Maintenance

Whether you are an existing CMSFolks client or not, we’re happy to offer our Website Maintenance Plan to help you keep your site purring along. And it’s a good way to save money as well! /p>

Web Content Writing

We’re happy to offer you our Website Content Writing and Marketing Plan to help you keep your site purring along. And it’s a good way to save money as well!

Managed Services

We help businesses free up their resources and focus on what’s truly important to them by managing and growing their entire online presence.

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Clients Testimonies

The overall work done by CMSFolks is perfect and professional. They lack very few, if any, things! They have created my first ever website HealthandIssue.com! (and the support is amazing as well)

Yemi Paul / Health&Issue

CMSFolks is amazing, they customize EVERYTHING! Their work is a game changer for the digital Market, can’t wait for the future to do more project with them. Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

Olumide / The Knights

Excellent work by CMSFolks. Very professional, No hassle support, they works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Very excited.

Dr Omole / Drug FreeClub

All we do is to make all our clients happy. we don’t just build a website, or increase the traffic of your site…making your project the best it can be is not just what we do, we go beyond that…We prefer to have a relationship with you. We keep our focus on future relationship and to achieve that we value todays relationship we have with our clients. Let’s create one with you…

Our Services

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  • eCommerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding & Creative
  • Web Maintenance Service
  • Training Services

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