It is no longer news that bloggers are the new influencers and so everyone  wants to be a blogger.

However, not everyone is ready to put in the work, energy and time in blogging.

Getting to the peak of your blogging career takes time but new bloggers especially those engaged in it for money do not understand this and do they fail.

Here are some other reasons why new bloggers fail in their blogging career;

  1. Failure to set realistic and reachable goals

You cannot start blogging today and set a goal to buy an estate off your blogging income in six months. Just as you cannot set a goal to write a minimum of two blog posts each day.

There are steps to take that will lead you towards achieving your set realistic blogging goals

To avoid overwhelming your daily agenda and executing everything you have drafted, you need to keep a “To do list” for your daily blogging tasks.

Until you complete those agendas drafted, try not to move on to something else.

Take small steps instead of chasing too many goals at once. You don’t catch any when you chase too many rabbits.


  1. No consistency

After setting goals, you need to follow through with execution.

If your readers notice you have not published fresh content in a while then they would move on believing you have abandoned blogging. Quality and regularity attracts new visitors and ensures return visitors.

The issue of not been consistent can be tackled if you use a realistic editorial calendar. An editorial calendar states what days you post and what topics are treated.


  1. Poorly designed layout with little or no links and pages
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People want to scroll scroll scroll and click click click to discover more information when your content is engaging.

A blog that is poorly designed increases bounce rate; that is, people leaving your site quickly.

If your blog template is poor, your blog difficult to navigate and without enough clickable links then visitors will leave.

Here are a few tips to overcoming it :

  • Start simple with a design and layout you can build over time
  • Make your blog easy to navigate, responsive and all gadgets friendly.
  • Add inbound links and pages that can take your visitors to where they want to go, increasing page views in return.


  1. Ignoring SEO

Search engine traffic is one of the best type of traffic you can ever have. This is because those who come through search engines are desperate for information and so they are ready to be “served”

Unlike those who click on your shared links just to show support or glance through what you can offer.

The only way you can increase your search engine traffic is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


  1. Lack of creativity

You have to push your creative mind always as a blogger. You are not the only blogger writhing on your niche, so there has to be something distinct about your content.

It’s okay to follow various blogging tips to build your blog but how creative and distinct you are helps you stand the test of time effortlessly.

Many bloggers try to build traffic to their blog using only strategies like blog commenting and so on. They do work effectively but are already saturated, so you have to come up with something different.

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  1. Weak networking and social media integration

As a blogger, you have to network like your life depends on it. Networking is an important part of successful blogging.

It helps to promote your blog, unfortunately, many bloggers don’t know how to optimize the use of social media or how to network in a way that it boost their blog.

Facebook and Twitter are great places to start, you will be able to personally connect with your readers and they can easily click on blog links shared.

Network not just physically but also by linking to bigger blogs in your best articles and letting them know about this action.

It can eventually lead to building a genuine relationship that would bore collaborations, shares and new visitors.


  1. Blogging about everything

Specificity they say is key in journalism and blogging can be said to be a branch of journalism.

That being said, if you write about everything and anything then identifying your target audience would be almost impossible.

To avoid writing on anything, you have to pick a niche, write down your goals which then leads to your picking an audience.

Why am I blogging? What interests me? Who do I want to reach out to?

Narrowing down to a niche or topic area of interest will attract a specific audience and help you focus on dishing out the best.

If you do not know your why then click here  to discover answers.


  1. Impatience and having no mentor

Everyone needs a support system. Someone to be their teacher, cheerleader yet their critic.

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Every successful blogger had a mentor to help direct them in the right direction. Therefore, if you want to be successful then you definitely need a mentor.

Also, connect to other bloggers across every social media especially those in your niche and you would be amazed at how beneficial online communities are to you as a blogger.

Now, the reality is that blogging with the expectation of quick success is always met with disappointment.

Successful bloggers had to develop persistence while learning from their mistakes

If you stay true to it, you will be amazed my the results.


  1. No email list

In this article, we listed not having a mail list as one of the mistakes bloggers make while starting. So we wouldn’t dwell so much on it here, read up!

This has been proven to be the most effective way to stay connected to your audience and at the same time send notifications for every new blog post.

If you haven’t established an email list building then we recommend you do so now. Mailchirmp or jetpack helps you achieve this.

  1. Writing to earn an income too soon as a blogger

Everyone wants to start earning immediately and rarely want to invest financially or otherwise like blogging is some magic.

Earning from blogging takes time and consistency and so you fail when you start up with the idea of earning immediately.

Are you a new blogger and fear you might fail even after reading this article?


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