5 Ways to Encourage Readers to Comment on Your Posts

5 Ways to Encourage Readers to Comment on Your Posts

What is a blog without comments?  After all, the posts you make are meant to elicit some response from your readers or visitors. Blogs with little or no comments come across as ineffectual blogs or a complete waste of time. Little or no comments on blog posts make the blog less attractive to visitors who are also not motivated to comment since they get the impression that most people do not find the blog worthwhile.

Comments also provide important feedback that helps you provide the kind of content that your visitors and potential readers want to see on your blog.

You need to get your visitors to comment on your blog post. It is essential to the health of your blog. Here are five ways to encourage readers to comment on your posts.

Create Quality Posts

What are quality posts? These are the kind of posts that are insightful, thought-provoking and provide some amount of value to the readers. These are the kind of posts that you should aim for. Do not be bothered if they are controversial. In fact, a healthy dose of controversy is not bad for your blog.

So let your blog stir people. Let it add value to their lives by dwelling on issues that affect them or those things which resonate with them. The comments will come naturally because the posts have been able to elicit some response at a deeper, emotional level. It is this response that triggers the comments that they make. In a sense, they won’t be able to help themselves because there will be this need to react to what you just posted.


Close Your Blog Post with a “call-to-action” kind of Question

You should optimize the quality content that you post on your blog by asking the kind of questions that stir your readers. This gives them the impression that you care about them and that they are not just part of a monetized blog scheme. It puts them at ease and creates a connection between you and them. Be sure to make your question stand out from the rest of the post so that it is easily recognizable. Go ahead and ask your readers to comment and leave their feedback. Your blog will be better for it.

Make it Easy to Comment

So what next after quality content and a great call to action? You ensure that your comment box is visible and accessible. Try to situate it directly below your blog post/social sharing icons/call-to-action. Do not place it below the comments where visitors/readers would have difficulty finding it. Let the fields for name, email, and comment be clear located. There is no need for people to log in before they can comment. This is an unnecessary barrier that could even put some of your visitors off. The ease with which your readers can comment directly influences the number of readers that comment.




Always Respond To Comments

This is a very important pointer because it determines how effective the above pointers are. The quality posts and stirring questions will amount to nothing if you don’t respond to the comments you get; no matter how few they are. Little drops they say make an ocean. So no matter how many the comments people leave on your blog posts are, try to reply to them. For one it keeps the conversation going. Secondly, it gives your blog a personal feel and makes your visitors feel that you care about their opinions as well. Your replies need not be long ones. Sometimes they may be one-word replies where appropriate. This encourages them to leave their comments too. Try to answer any questions you receive just as you thank people for their insightful comments.

Responding to your readers’   comments is a worthwhile habit you need to cultivate if you want to be successful. Your readers take the time to comment after reading. Show them a commitment by responding to their comments. You can take this few steps further by appreciating and rating the good comments that you get; staging a contest commenters on your blog and rewarding the winners. Do this and watch how people flock to your blog

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 Use Readers’ Comments in Your Blog Posts

This is a natural progression from the last pointer. Your readers’ comments are a goldmine which you can be exploited well. You could either write a post that is inspired by a suggestion or your answer to a question. You could also quote a reader’s comment in a blog post especially when such a post is insightful.

You could ask for comments you’ll use in a blog post whenever you have posted content that can easily be extended into further content. Their comments will expand the conversation, providing more content and more reasons for engagement in your posts.

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