In recent times content has gone through a series of coronations to help assert its importance in the digital space.

If you have ever heard of terms like Content is King and Content is key, then you might probably have an idea of what i am talking about.

Without a doubt, everything revolves around content. The strength of your content is directly proportional to the reception you will get as a storyteller.

After installing all types of technical optimization to help drive people to your website, the content that they eventually see is what will determine whether they stay or hurry away.

You get to decide.

The smart technique of developing content from real-life search parameters are admirable but it has a few down sides.

What people are searching for might not necessarily be what you are passionate about.

So the idea is to find a niche that holds your interest.

Make sure it’s something that you can write about day in day out. Then do a search on what people are looking to find concerning your chosen niche.

This can help stimulate your conversations and enrich your engagement.

But in-between those long form content types, you need a series of quick-type filler content that can hold your audience’s attention.

Here’s a list of some of those great filler content types that your audience will definitely love.


Ask a question to generate a debate, facilitate a community workshop or discussion. These don’t usually take more than a few words to create.


Polls Increase reader engagement by kick starting a good discussion posed as a question.


Compare two controversial alternatives and watch your audience display their bias.


Give readers an assignment on a specific topic, create a gamification model by rewarding a right answer to a question. The options are limitless.

Just give your audience something to do.


Create a link to another blog/article that expounds your idea (or include a list of links).

This helps build relationships with the receiving blogs who might be willing to do the same for you.


Try reposting a few of your best archived posts again. This might create fresh insights for new readers who have never seen those posts before now.


Introduce a guest post written by others from time to time or find a regular writer to do a semi-regular post.

This will help enrich the experience and knowledge available to your users from a new perspective.


Don’t be boring.

Use photos, cartoons, or go to YouTube and look for interesting materials to embed to your content to make it pop.

Go ahead and search keywords related to your blog topic, and find a additional high-value materials that helps your readers resonate better with the content.


There’s nothing as refreshing as seeing something from a professional’s point of view.

So find an expert or experts and ask them interesting questions to help your readers get insight.


Don’t be a snub.

Go through questions from readers and beginners and answer them.

Make sure the answers are short and sweet and help pull other people along.

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That’s it.

A few quick snack but interesting killer content that don’t require too much thought and labor to create, but still engages your readers.

The key is to experiment in your attempt at content creation. Which of these filler content gets more engagement for you?

Put a little more thought into them and upgrade them into something you can feature on a regular basis on your blog.

Good luck.

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