Not every blogger has the ability to connect.
The capacity to craft killer content is not necessarily in the volume of text you put together or the vocabulary dexterity you posses.
Connecting to your audience goes way beyond all that. It’s more of a literary alchemy, born of a profound knowledge of your audience and their peculiar interests.
Desmond Tutu puts it more succinctly when he said,
Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

So you’ve been blogging non-stop for a while now yet you only seem to scratch the surface. Nothing more.

It would surprise you to know that it is fairly common amongst bloggers to favour consistency over connection. An amateur move that keeps your head above water but never gets you anywhere as a content creator.

That’s why we have put together a list of 5 content creation tips to help you boost your activity as a blogger.


It goes without saying, right? But it would surprise you the number of people that don’t have this figured out. They just tend to go with the flow or better still, move only when inspiration hits them (*rolls eyes*).

Even though it sounds cliché, I will say it anyway. You need to secure a content plan. One born of extensive research into what your audience likes. Know who you are creating content for and identify the content type they are prone to engage with e.g. blog posts, podcast or social media posts. Identify what kind of topics they will like by creating a survey. Next, you need to analyze your content plan from time to time to ascertain if it’s still valid to your audience.

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After crafting a broad content plan and identifying the content type favoured amongst your audience, you need to drill down to individual topics to write about. First, you need to brainstorm and find a delicate balance between what your audience wants to know & what you’re passionate about. Make sure to pick the ideas you are fired up about first. They make more emotional arguments, connect better and are easier to write about. Next, identify keywords that people use around the topic list you have created and note them down.


If you are not a drill soldier, don’t write like one.
Infuse your content with your personality. Make human connections. Tell stories to illustrate the point you’re trying to make. Only then would your audience truly believe that you didn’t fall off an alien spaceship with a pen.


In this socially-conscious online world driven by a desire for knowledge and a need for social validation, a lot of us are peer pressured into:

A. Connecting with experiences that others are presently undertaking.

B. Affirming ourselves only when we know other people are actually doing the same things we are doing.

C. Supporting or ‘liking’ things we ought to be aware of but aren’t.

Your job as a content alchemist is to rope your content into a story web that gives your audience one or all of the aforementioned experiences and they will learn to give you their time.


There’s a conversion concept called THE LIFT MODEL that asserts that there are 5 critical levels to achieving an end-to-end conversion. Normally associated with landing pages, the model can also be used in content creation to achieve much the same thing.
They are:

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Infuse Urgency Point out a limitation in time and availability and also a fear of missing out. A good way to do this is in your blog titles.

Like the one you are presently reading: A Complete Guide To Creating Content That Connects.
It sends a subtle message that plays on your fear of missing out on a cool content guide that solves all your writing woes.

Add Relevance– learn to alternate your content messaging to suit every niche or segment of your audience, addressing varying perspectives of your audience need.

Reduce Anxiety– by convincing your readers that the content they are digesting is from a credible source that understands their needs and wants.

Studies have shown that in content marketing, people are more likely to trust someone who is ‘just like them’ than a sales team or CEO.

So go ahead and be down to earth. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Describe your own personal experiences on overcoming the issues they might presently be facing.

Use anecdotes, fun metaphors and analogies to drive your point home. Be open to suggestions and criticisms. Express frustration. Don’t be a robot.

That’s it friends. Promise kept.
A comprehensive list of things to do to help you create killer content and slowly transform you into one of the most sought-after content creators in the space.

Thank me later.

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