How to put ads within a post. Ads within postYou must have seen blogs or webs that are having ads inside their post or article content… These ads are usually found after the first paragraph or the second paragraph in most cases. Then as a beginner, you might wonder whether these sites insert these ads manually when they were writing the blog content, or probably there is a special code for this. In this article, I’ll show you how to insert ads into your post content after a specific paragraph.

Often when beginners want to include ads in their post, they either add the code manually which is extremely inefficient especially if you have to change advertisers, or they insert ads above or below their post using one of the ad management plugins.

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Simply search, install and activate this plugin called Insert Post Ads click here to download.

insert post ads

Upon the activation of the plugin, a new menu item will be added called Post Adverts.

How to put ADs within a Post in Wordpress

Placing your mouse on the Post Adverts menu in your dashboard will show a sub menu called Add New.

post advert

On the next screen, simply add the name of your ad for identification purposes, enter the ad code itself, and select the paragraph you want to display the ad code after. Once done simply click publish.

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Next, you should go to Post Adverts » Settings to select which post types you want to show your ads on such as posts, pages, and custom post types.

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Insert Ads Into WordPress Posts With Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is the second most popular ad management plugin at

Advanced Ads lets you create unlimited ads in the free version, whereas Ad Inserter limits you to 16 ad blocks. But the con is that I don’t find the interface quite as intuitive for this specific use case.

If being able to create unlimited ads piques your interest, here’s how to use Advanced Ads to insert ads within your post content in WordPress.

To get started, make sure that you’ve installed and activated the free Advanced Ads plugin on your site.

Create A New Ad


Then, click Next.

On the next screen, enter your ad code into the box and then click Next again

insert ads

Choose What Content To Display Ads On

On the next screen, choose Hide the ad on some pages under the Display Conditions area.

Then, select Post Type from the New condition drop-down and click add.

You should see a new Post Type condition. Click the Posts button so that it reads “Post Type is Posts”:

How to put ADs within a Post in Wordpress

Click Next once you’ve done that*.

*You can add additional targeting conditions if you want. But for this use case, I don’t think there’s any need.

Choose Ad Placement

Finally, use the icons to choose where to display your ad. I recommend the Content option:

insert ads

That will open up a dialog box where you can choose which paragraph to display the ad after:

insert ads

By Using Additional WordPress Plugins For Your Site

WordPress allows you to add as many plugins as possible and that is the main advantage of using this CMS. There are many lesser-known WordPress plugins to add a variety of extended functionalities to your WordPress website. And as such, here are some additional plugins that you can use to add the ads on your website.

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AdSense Plugin WP QUADSAdSense Plugin WP QUADS

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