Are you a creative professional looking for a way to keep in touch with the latest trends in the Art of giving gifts? Today, social media presents plenty of opportunities for learning and communication. Nerds like photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, and marketers present their professional portfolios on different social platforms. And, one of the best places to create a professional portfolio is Instagram. In this post, we want to talk about the Art of Giving gifts.

How to Use Social Media to boost your Search Engine Optimization

Today, Instagram shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it’s one of the fastest growing social media. At the beginning of 2019, it’s audience reached 1 billion monthly users. No wonder as there are plenty of instruments to help you get your message through. With stories, live videos, posts, and hashtags creating content to get your target audience interested won’t be a problem.

It’s no secret that businesses and entrepreneurs use Instagram to sell goods and services. All it takes is learning to use Instagram’s functionality with maximum benefit for you. Apart from the above, Instagram can help you grow as a professional: there are millions of accounts to get inspired from. Networking is one of the reasons why creative professionals come to Instagram. In this post, we’ll teach you how to do it the right way!

How To Become A Professional Illustrator In 2019?

Art Of Giving Gifts

Whether you’re already a professional illustrator or only learning to become one, there are tricks of the trade that are always great to learn. In the linked post, you’ll get the most accurate insights on how to become an illustrator. This is a comprehensive career guide that covers the important aspects of a profession in 15 steps.

Here you will learn some basic illustration theory as well as get an idea about the scope of knowledge a professional should possess to get a job in illustration. As the field you’ve chosen is rapidly changing, the list of best online courses and YouTube channels for illustrators has been mentioned in the post. Speaking of inspiration, there’s a selection of the top 10 most talented illustrators on Instagram to follow.

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How To Become a Typographer In 2019?

Art Of Giving Gifts

Choosing a career path of a designer often implies the knowledge of typography. Are you fond of typefaces and handwritten fonts? Do you want to earn a few bucks on your own created fonts? Then there’s a chance you might be interested in a typographer career guide. The linked post contains 23 elaborate steps covering all the intricacies of typographer’s profession.

In the post, you will learn the pros and cons of getting employed as a font designer, selling your fonts independently, and lots of theory on what you should know as a professional involved in font design.

How To Become A Professional UI/UX Designer In 2019?

Art Of Giving Gifts

If you’re more interested in user interface design than illustration, see this incredible post on how to become UI/UX designer. The article contains 8 effortless steps a creative professional should take on their path to becoming a user interface designer. Are you knowledgeable enough about the demands employers have for UI/UX designers? What skillset should one possess to be called a professional designer, anyway?

Not to worry, all of this and even more is covered in the post. Employment insights you’ll find in this post are priceless, as well as must-see speeches of UI/UX practitioners. There’s also a list of appropriate gifts for user interface designers to help you break the ice.

Best Gifts For Illustrators, UI/UX Designers & Typographers In 2019

The Art Of Giving Gifts: 10+ Ways To Connect With Designers, Photographers, Marketers & Other Nerds In 2019?

Now, to the networking part. We at MasterBundles truly believe that the best friendship starts with a gift. So, there’s plenty of ideas on how to break the ice and interact with illustrators and UI/UX designers on a professional level. This is why we strongly recommend to check out the list of gift ideas for graphic designers and illustrators.

With over 50 gift options with digital and material items to present a UI/UX designer or illustrator, it’ll only be a matter of choice. Here you’ll discover presents for different needs and purposes. Digital devices, tutorials & books, decor, and other things will come in handy for any occasion. As for the digital items, take a look at a few probable options:

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Vintage Frames and Monograms – $16

Art Of Giving Gifts

An illustrator will be in awe with this bundle of 220 vintage frames and monograms. These multipurpose floral borders can be used for a logo or invitation design, as well as other projects like frames on the chalkboard menus.

Wild West Graphic Collection – $15

Art Of Giving Gifts

Whether you’re an illustrator or UI/UX designer, this Wild West Graphic Collection will be just thing. These versatile graphic elements will amp up the project of any complexity.

How To Become A Professional Photographer In 2019?

Art Of Giving Gifts

With all the buzz around Instagram, photographers are in great demand in 2019. So, if you’ve set your mind on becoming a professional photographer, we at MasterBundles know how to help you. Check out our career guide on how to become a stock photographer. In the linked post, you’ll learn the professional requirements one should meet and where to learn the art of photography. Most importantly, we’re sharing insights on how to make money with MasterBundles platform.

Art Of Giving Gifts

If you’re already a photography pro looking to amp up your skills, take a look at the list of top online photography courses in 2019. Grab the opportunity to learn the art of photography from gurus like Annie Leibovitz, as well as Cambridge and Harvard professionals. Check them out to make your way to professional success shorter.

Best Gifts For Photographers In 2019

The Art Of Giving Gifts: 10+ Ways To Connect With Designers, Photographers, Marketers & Other Nerds In 2019?

With a vast variety of devices and software for photographers, it’s hard to surprise them with something extraordinary. If you’re looking for something unconventional, take a look at the list of the best gifts for photographers. You won’t have a problem picking the best item out of 100+ gifts for photographers in 2019. Camera lenses, batteries, chargers, personalized photo frames, props, and whatnot are at your disposal.

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150 Summer Love Lightroom Presets – $9

Art Of Giving Gifts

With a bunch of 150 Summer Lightroom Presets, a photographer will add summer vibes to the most boring photos. There’s no better present for creative professionals willing to amp up their photos on the stage of post-production.

Best Gifts For Marketers In 2019

Art Of Giving Gifts

If you’re trying to build your Instagram presence, you’ll definitely need a friendly marketer to help you with a piece of advice. There’s no better way to start a conversation than by giving a useful present mentioned on the list of gift ideas for marketers. With 30+ potential gift choices, you’ll be able to get something useful for all types of personalities. All it takes is to choose wisely. Look at these social media templates it will help make your Instagram page expressive.

Free Instagram Story Highlights Covers

Art Of Giving Gifts

What a bargain! These Free Instagram Story Highlights Covers will make the best present for an SMM professional. The bundle contains a versatile selection of Insta stories highlights to use for different types of projects.

Best Gifts For Nerds In 2019

Art Of Giving Gifts

In case you still haven’t seen the list of Valentine’s day gifts for nerds, it’s just about time you did. With 50+ gift options, finding the best item for a specific occasion won’t be difficult. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthday party, the list of items will help you out.

InMotion Hosting Promo Codes 2019: Get 1 Year of FREE Hosting (Exclusive Offer)

Art Of Giving Gifts

There’s no better present for an IT professional than a year of free hosting. MasterBundles has an exclusive offer from the InMotion Hosting with a 3-month money-back option.

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