Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

get traffic. SEO. SEO tips. get 1000 traffic per day. Pinterest TipsThis is a well-detailed beginners guide to SEO (Site engine optimization). Every blog needs traffic and the most potent way to get traffic is via a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc. Most beginners don’t know how to optimize their website for search engines to properly crawl their website/blog via their robot. But it’s not only beginners that fall into this trap, even experienced bloggers don’t know how to properly optimize their website for Google and other search engines like Bing, But in this post, we will show you how to properly do all it takes to properly optimize your site for search engines and make your blog post rank higher and better on top of Google, Bing, etc.

What you Need to know about Search Engines

Search engines like Google, Bing etc crawl the internet for new contents, then index them in the appropriate category using the site’s sitemap, for users who will query their services in the future. Why would they do that you ask, well, they do that to please their users. Most search engines like Google prefer to focus their attention on their users because with that they can the type of success they admire. When the user gets relevant information on what they want, they are happy and hence use the search engine again, it’s a win win for both side. You and your site will be the one in the middle trying to get the attention of both sides. This simply means that Google is striving hard to provide value to its users by constantly displaying the most relevant content on top of its search engines.

But the competition is now made to be more difficult than ever, especially with Google (the most used search engine in the world). With their box return search query, showing the most relevant answer, you only get to see three (3) organic result at a time unlike before when ten (10) results are shown at a time. Now you see the importance of being on top of the search result.

Ultimate Guide to SEO

Now that you know the basic thinking of how to of most Search Engines, below we give to you what you must do and put in place for you to get the best optimization for your site. Note that you can not remove any from the list below because they are the basic setup for every great website you see out there.

  • Niche Domain Name

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

Aa lot of beginners pick domain name out of nowhere and they expect massive return, do just pick a name for the sake of picking one, pick a name for your domain name in accordance to your niche or the keyword you want to rank for, this will help you in climb up the ladder on time without much time at the bottom. Except you want to use your personal name and brand it, we’ll advise you go for a more specific keyword or niche you want to rank high for. Here, we chose a name we want to rank high for. We want to rank high for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other blogging platforms, so we chose CMSFolks. So also is WPBeginner, they rank high for WordPress

  • Best Web Host

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

You can not rank high for excellence when you partner with mediocre. So also is your web host influence, you need to go for the best. If you notice top website, they have a set of web hosting companies they recommend, and we also don’t lag behind in this, we believe in excellence and we partner with those with an excellent track record in the industry. Should you want to know, we are hosted by InMotion web hosting company. Move your website to the best web hosting company out there now…we recommend InMotion Hosting or HostGator

  • Beautiful Website

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

This is the first thing you will have to put in place, Most people don’t care about the look of their website/blog, but you should. Great web design has a lasting psychological effect/impact on every visitor. And you need to put that in place. They said the first impression last longer and that’s true to your website/blog too. A well-crafted layout, color carefully mixed, utilized sidebar widget, optimized images, navigation menu are all influential in making up a better website.

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In short, your website must be top notch and well designed. Should you need a help in designing re-designing better website, sites like Fiverr and Upwork. And you can also ask us to help you out in helping you to do that via our Web-design Services

  • Content Writing

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

Forget whatever software promising you 10,000 traffic per day. The best way to get and maintain traffic is to have a well-written content optimized for a particular keyword or related keyword. The sole foundation of traffic is CONTENT. We can not but speak about how important your content is towards having and maintaining traffic.

But having just any content is not going to get you traffic, your content must be audience specific, and targeted towards them, being filled with the right information that they need. But put in mind that your content must not be less than 800 words. Try your possible best to make sure an average of 1000 words is achievable in each of your blog posts. Google and other big search engines believe that the more the words, the more informative it is to read. But don’t let your 1000 words be filled with irrelevant information just for the sake of getting 1000 written words. You have to dig deep and go deeper in getting more and better information to write about, then you can come back to continue to finish up from where you stopped.

  • Social Account

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

Most people ignore this and leave them behind the sheet. Don’t leave any stone without a touch. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc have all come to stay. Open an account with them to establish yourself/website as a Brand. Don’t make the mistake of opening every social account out there, at most, for now, 3 social accounts will do for now. Each of these accounts has a potential of fetching you thousands or even millions of visitors, and with them, you can get peoples trust via this social account.

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But having these social accounts must not just be for having sake, pay the price of engaging your social account follower. Use polls, questions, and the likes to get their attention and engage them. Reply their comments on your page, recommend tools and resources even outside your website.

  • Social Media Integration

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

You just need to also integrate a social share button on your website. Make it easy for them to share your content, and they will do when your content is informative enough for them to share with their friends on their own social wall. Your post must also excite them enough to want to post on their social account. There are several plugins and extensions for Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal to help integrate social share button with your website. Simple Social Share is a typical example of a plugin for WordPress powered site. Lite weight and fast enough for your web host server.

  • Commenting System

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

It is not only via social media account that you can engage your users. On-site engagement is also an assurance that everyone who drops a comment will definitely come back for more information. Don’t ever try to disable commenting system on your blog. It’s a way you get feedback from your reader, in fact, it is the fastest way to get feedback from your users. Allowing comment will give you a great insight into who and who visits your site, and you have to access their thoughts. When someone critiques what you write about, it’s a way to become a better writer. Don’t ever allow users to leave your site without the option to pass a comment on your site based on what they’ve read on your site.

  • Optimized Images

install WordPress Plugin

The brain processes information embedded in images faster than a traditional text. An image can speak a lot about something more better than a text because they are more engaging than text. When you use a high quality and optimized images, you have just click a button that will make your users stay a bit longer than ever, they’ll definitely take few seconds if not minute to look at those images and your site also looks go as a result. It’s a go for, you’ll agree. Go ahead and try some pictures at Shutterstock if you don’t know photoshop, or you can try out Pixabay (we use this) if you are low on budget.

  • Use Videos

If images can be that engaging, you can bet the power of captivating user that videos potentially has. With video, you can embed a thousand information into a 3 minutes clip, that’s the potential power of videos. Use videos on your website to provide engaging, entertaining, and useful content to your audiences. We recommend using YouTube because it has a large community of users and it helps you tap into one of the largest audience pools in the world.

  • Boost User Engagement

We know we just talked about On-site engagement via the comment section of your site and the social account engagement has been mentioned, but we’ll also like you to engage user via polls and survey either on your website (you can use the sidebar widget, footer, pop-ups, or event the comment section) or you can try out the social media account, but we prefer you use the onsite engagement instead, it will increase your page views, time spent on site and even reduce your bounce rate.

  • Optimize Website Speed

install WordPress Plugin

Website speed is paramount when talking about traffic. 90% of visitors will leave your site if it takes too much time to load. You can check out your site speed using Google Page Speed Insight or use Pingdomatic. With CDN’s like CloudFlare and MAXCDN, you can increase your site speed. Also make sure that even when your Images are of high quality, make sure they are optimized for speed, a typical image on your site should have an average size of not more than 30kb(kilobyte). Even at that, try and reduce the size of an image if possible without losing the image quality. Don’t upload videos directly into your site, instead, use a third party video web host like YouTube.

  • Share Old Post

Making a habit of sharing your old post on social media. This makes your old posts refreshed and renewed for a new audience. In WordPress, you can use a Plugin called ………….. to retweet and report on your both twitter account and facebook account respectively.

  • Utilize SEO Tools

After doing all we’ve said earlier, there are digital tools that you should use like Google Analytics, Google Web Console, Google Keyword Planner,, Opensite Site Explorer, SEOQuake (it’s a browser add-on for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari). All these tools are free and you can give them a trial, remember that they are all free to use, meaning there is no crime trying them out…it’s a win win. And should you have few bucks to spare, you can use these paid tools for your traffic increase. They are: SEO by Yoast (its a WordPress plugin for WordPress Users, but there is also the free version here), SEMrush, Outreach Plus

  • Add SSL Certificate

Beginners Ultimate Guide to SEO

Use SSL certificate on your site and you will be Google’s best friend. There are two ways to get SSL certificate. You can either Buy an SSL certificate or get a free one. You can get a free SSL certificate if you host your website with InMotion Hosting.

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That is it, you can give your comment below to let us have a feedback on what you have read from us. Thanks for reading from us, remember to subscribe to our letter

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