Best Joomla Security Extensions

Best Joomla Security Extensions

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Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) on the web aside from Drupal and WordPress. In fact, Joomla is second most used CMS in the world after WordPress.  This Content Management System can power up all kinds of websites no matter what shape or size. Joomla also has amazing security modules and extension that can intercept forms of hacking be it brute force attack to force login into your administration dashboard area to delete or steal information and block unwanted website pages.  With these security extensions listed below, you can prevent any attacks that can harm or damage your website. These extensions can save you a lot of money. So which Joomla Security extension should you be on the look-out for?

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Joomla Security Extensions

Below is a list of the best Joomla security extensions you can see out there, that can help boost the security of a Joomla powered website:

1) JHackGuard

This Joomla security extension is designed to protect Joomla powered websites from being hacked. The jHackguard handles security configurations in such a way that filtering the input data of the user is done easily. It does this through the integration of PHP security settings in the system. While doing all this, it also allows administrators to carry on with their usual admin tasks without any disturbance.  This security extension is available in different versions; thus, you should choose the right version to fit your site.

Akeeba Backup Formerly known as JoomlaPack, Akeeba Backup is a free backup and open-source component that assists in providing a complete website backup system.  Akeeba Backup is perfect for restoring Joomla powered sites and creating backup files. This extension is also run by Ajax which means you can restore files without any server timeout.  However, it is only compatible with versions 2.5 or 3.

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2) JomDefender

Fixing the damage caused by hacking attacks is very troublesome, not to mention expensive. That’s why it is very important to fully protect your Joomla powered site. Although there are many Joomla security extensions available, JomDefender is definitely one of the best. . It helps protect the site from hackers and has a built-in filter called corePHP which can address some of Joomla’s original weaknesses.

3) RSFirewall

Just like all the other Joomla security extension, RSFirewall can protect your site from hacker attacks and other intrusions. The good thing about this extension is that it automatically updates itself so that it can address all the latest security issues on the website. It comes with a set of tools that can be used in securing the site, thus, hacking can be prevented. It can also scan the entire site to identify its weak points and eventually make the necessary improvements to the site’s security.

4) Akeeba Admin Tools

This Joomla security extension helps in administering the website and aids in improving its security.  Akeeba Admin Tools is rather a unique as compared to the other security extensions because it regularly provides the users with the latest updates that can help maintain the site. . It also aids in fixing damaged files, managing redirections of custom URLs, and enhancing the website’s security as a whole. Akeeba Admin Tools also features “Web Application Firewall” to ensure that your site will be safe from small attacks.

5) Eyesite

This security extension guard and protects your sites from possible threats. It warns or informs you of potential hackers that are intruding your site. It makes use of a plugin that can scan the directory structure of your site and store information at the same time. It conducts periodic scans to determine whether there are files added, changed or deleted.

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6) OSE Anti-Virus

This anti-virus which is designed especially for Joomla websites will protect your site from any type of virus whether big or small. It can detect viruses in JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Text files and many more. Once it detects a virus, it immediately removes the codes.  Purchasing this security extension allows the user to download all the upgrades within a year. It can only be installed in Joomla versions 2.5 and 3x websites.

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7) Admin Tools Professional

This is an excellent security extension designed by Akeeba Backup Core. Actually, this is the Pro version of Admin Tools (Mentioned in point 4 above). It has an administrator restriction feature that makes use of a secret parameter and a web application that blocks common exploits. It also blocks IP addresses to ensure that your site will be safe from hackers.

8) Security check: Price- Free download

Includes: Component, Plugin

Extension : 3.0

Security check is a medium protection Joomla security extension that helps to keep your site protected from intrusions as well as hacker attacks. It is upheld by a team of trained experts that always keep the extension up-to-date to deal with the latest vulnerabilities. In addition, the team runs latest security updates to keep the Joomla website safe.

Some features: Blacklist; Whitelist; Events recording, which can be viewed by admins from backend; Redirection to a default page if an attack is detected; Second level protection to find suspect words; Session protection; You can check file/folder permissions and easily view misconfigured configurations and Manage the extension remotely from a centralized console.

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