You have likely seen some posts from so-called bloggers making an income online and are wondering how it all works and more specifically, what is a blog? In today’s post, we’ll like to talk about what a blog is and how important a blog can often be

What is a blog?

A blog is similar to a website and sometimes, a beginner may not know the difference. We would say that blog is  more like an online diary/journal that is usually  maintained by one person but can be more than ten sometimes.

Most Blogs have one certain topics and some may be more than . our blog topics are “WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Other CMS, Blogging” and “how to start one” – We’re helping beginners to start a blog, maintain it, get more visitors, make money and much more… Bloggers are usually passionate about a specific topic thus they’ll create one.

Blog posts are the fundamental of a blog. Every blog on the internet consists of different blog posts written by its owner(s) usually known as the blogger. Blog posts can contain any type of content be it Text, videos, Illutrations, power points documents, images, bullet-points, different headings and so on.

Blogs and their posts or contents can be shared on social networks (Twitter, FaceBook, Google+) and people can leave comments under the blog posts in order to start meaningful conversations and that’s if the blog owner allows it.

Blogs can have a LOT of visitors especially when they are popular. When your blog has enough posts and it starts to become popular, you’ll start receiving traffic from other sites, social networks and even from search engines.

Blogging has evolved to become something complex and useful and organic. Bloggers might be politicians, social workers, parents, academics, or teenagers who want to see change. And the way their blog looks is really totally up to them, their budgets and their goals.

Why your blog is more important than ever

The world is at a really interesting point in history.

And that can help in letting people know more about what you know. Below are reasons why we think a blog should be made by you

  • Carving out your own space is important for work
    As ideas around work change, it might become crucial to have your own place online that promotes your services or brand, be it personal or business. For example, if you’re a web designer and you might want to  have a web desing blog that teaches people how that illustrates how your work is different, the successful case studies you’ve had, photos to show you’re a real person, and so on. This might be enough to land you a job when a website-less designer might miss out. Keep building your own personal online portfolio that you can use to launch future products, services, or career changes down the track.
  • Teaching people to “think” in a fake news era
    In this world where fake news is found everywhere and people struggle to know what’s real, a blog can be so important for getting the truth out there. For example, a blogger might write posts that explain ther reason why some activits took to the street , help people understand the reason why such protest is taken either politically motivated or done for the right reason. These blog posts could have an effect on what people eat, how they vote, and that has huge impacts down the line, especially if you learn SEO and promotional techniques that get facts and critical thinking skills in front of more people.
  • Actually bringing people together
    While the Internet has some amazing benefits, it’s also looking less like the free and egalitarian platform that we once thought it would be. For example, it’s given extreme right-wing views an equal platform to spread hatred when, in the past, it was a lot harder to do that without physically gathering together. As a result, these views spread and people congregate into online groups and their views solidify. Instead of forming more “left” blogs or more “right” blogs, we need to use blogs to bring people together and have open and honest discussions without the fear of being reduced to a side or a view. Blogs are inherently social platforms, and it would be wonderful to see more effort go into building communities that debate respectfully instead of promoting one idea.
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What is the difference between a blog and a website?

I’m more of a visual learner myself so let’s show you some examples.

The following are three types of websites and how they function with blogs:

  • The website is a blog.
  • The website has a blog.
  • The website is just a website.

How to make sure your blog has an impact

A little while ago we did write a post on why blogs fail that talked a lot about the timeline involved with a successful blog.

But how can we make sure that our blogs actually have an impact in terms of earnings while also helping people with our content, as discussed above?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Lead the way
    Encourage discussion on your blog, but also make sure you show up. I reply to every comment I get here on Blog Tyrant and I think that makes a difference.
  2. Focus on community building
    Make sure your blog is a safe haven for people to discuss ideas, even if they are different to your own. Don’t punish people for having a different opinion.
  3. Ask questions
    Some of the best blog posts make people ask more questions as opposed to less. A good article will make you passionate about something and thus go out and seek more information.
  4. Create some guidelines
    That being said, don’t allow people to just write hateful or rude things for the sake of it. Come up with a comment policy and refer to it often.
  5. Stick to a strategy
    A blogging strategy will keep your content focused while also keeping you “on message”. This is important because readers will come to you for certain topics, and because you represent a certain level of quality.
  6. Research and cite sources
    Make sure your articles are well researched and when you make claims about something, make sure there is a place for someone to do further research.
  7. Read, read, read
    Make sure you are reading high quality blogs and websites, but also read books. It’s tempting to think that your online sources are good enough, but often you read a book and see how much more effort, review and editing occurs.
  8. Test and get feedback
    One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is get feedback from your readers, especially when it’s negative. Consider doing a survey or getting some training to make changes for the better.
  9. Keep helping, especially at the product stage
    Your products and the parts of your blog that make money should enhance your blog’s quality, not detract from it. Choose/make products that align with your brand, content, and goals of your readers.
  10. Use design carefully
    A beautiful blog that has the right WordPress theme and a carefully chosen layout will be more likely to engage people in the short and long term. Don’t let your design let down your content and ideas.
  11. Think about the individual
    Don’t ever forget that your traffic stats are made up of individual human beings. Each on of them reads your content and that content then gets lodged in their brain somewhere. Don’t take that privilege for granted.
  12. Adapt to change carefully
    It’s important to keep an eye on trends in your niche, but not at the expense of losing your primary focus. For example, if you’d switched to focus on Periscope instead of your own domain name 1.5 years ago you’d probably have lost out. Know how much you can jump in when taking risks.
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How to Attract More Blog Readers

  • Get Found in Search by Optimizing Your Content for SEO

    If you’re going to get new visitors to your website, you want to make sure they’ll be able to find you. And one way they’ll find you is by searching for you on their search engine of choice. That’s why it’s important to optimize your content for SEO.

  • Post Your Content on Social Media

    The most efficient way to get more people to your blog is to post your content on social media. That way your current followers will start reading your blog and they may also share your content with their own personal networks. Social media content can spread like wildfire, so it’s important to post your blog content on different social media networks.

  • Create Interest With Engaging and Exciting Titles

    We’re all human. We judge books by their covers and we judge blog posts by their titles. Knowing that, it’s important to spend some time crafting your title.

    When you start writing your blog post, a working title is fine. Get the general topic of the blog post down and write your content. But before you publish it, come back to the title and think about how you can take it up a notch to make it more engaging and truly pull your reader in.

  • Introduce Fresh Perspectives With Content From Guest Bloggers

    Having a variety of topics is important for any blog. Having a variety of blog authors who approach a business or industry from different perspectives is also beneficial for a blog. Not only can you get content creators for free, but you also get promotion from someone else to his or her audience. If bloggers are going to take the time to write content for you, they are most likely going to promote it to their network, at least through social media.

  • Make It Easy to Share Your Content

    If you make a task easy, odds are someone will do it. The same applies for your blog content. If you want someone to share your content with their network, make it easy for them to do that through social sharing buttons or prewritten emails that your readers can send to their network.

Generally speaking, I think that the bloggers and entrepreneurs that think about these issues will actually be okay because most people don’t even consider them.

And, as always, remember that each blog will be different and require a different set of principles and ideas in order to keep it relevant and effective. Always. Be. Testing.

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