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If first impressions last longer, then we can bet it counts for everything (and You know that). At CMSFolks, branding service is all about crafting a memorable identity which captivates your target audience, giving you the ability to take positive advantage of their attention. We work with senior stakeholders to define a brand strategy, establishing what a business stands for, its purpose and values in simple, compelling terms.


Branding and Innovation

We work with two types of companies: bold brands who want to work with an agency of a similar mindset and those who aspire to be bold and need Motto to help transform and take the company to new places. By pushing beyond the status quo, together we can land in new territories. Our approach does way more than send you into the world with a great logo—it awakens the potential of your organization.

Our Branding Services

Logo/Brand Identity Design

Business Collateral/Stationery Design

Graphic Design (Flyers, Brochures, Magazines, etc.)

Print Design

Product Design


Our Branding Process...Why CMSFolks

Research & Insights

We analyze your business in the competitive landscape through user research, studying cultural anthropology, ethnography, market trends and audience behaviors to uncover insights.


Brand Strategy

Brand strategy provides the central idea that aligns all actions, behaviors, and communications. We’ll uncover your points of difference and create a strategy for the way forward.


A great brand name is critical in standing out and tying the brand together. We create unforgettable names that are story-driven and the linchpin for the brand’s success.

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity should be distinct and supportive of long term goals. Our brand identities cut through the noise to reveal an iconic brand.

Branded Environments

From retail, restaurants and office interiors to branded environments, we design immersive physical spaces that adapt to the way consumers want to experience your brand.

Collateral Design

We will develop designs for representative applications, demonstrating the use of the identity. A final list will be agreed upon with the client. 




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