How to Create Menu Navigation in Drupal

How to Create Menu Navigation in Drupal

menu navigation in drupal
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Are you wondering how to create navigation menu in Drupal? Today, we want to see how we can create navigation menu in Drupal.

A navigation menu is important for your site, it helps the site visitor to surf easily without any difficulty in getting their desired information. It also helps them to relate to your site too without, and no more about the services rendered by your website. A navigation menu is a must for all website.

Now, let’s see how we can create Navigation menu in Drupal.

How to create Navigation Menu in Drupal

Log in to your Drupal powered site administration panel and Click Structure → Menus. Go to Add menu option to add menu and  Fill in the required details as shown in the following screen. Then, click on Save button to save your created menu bar.

How to Create Menu Navigation in Drupal

Once you save the menu bar, the following screen will get displayed. Here you have to define the path link to your created menu page. Click Add link as shown in the following screen.

How to Create Menu Navigation in Drupal

In the next screen, you will have to fill some necessary details which are as follows:

  • Menu link title− Specify the name of the menu item.
  • Path − Specify the URL path of the page which you want to display.
  • Description − Description about the menu link.
  • Enabled − It enables the item to display on the menu.
  • Show as expanded − If it consists of submenus, then it will be displayed under the parent menu item.
  • Parent Link − It sets the main structure of the menu.
  • Weight − Sets the order of menu items.
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Click the save button when you are through. This will make you see a similar screen like this:

How to Create Menu Navigation in Drupal

With this, you have successfully created a menu for your Drupal site.

How to Display Menu in Drupal

Depending on how a theme renders the primary and secondary navigation, this module may not work because the parent items may not ever be extended (regardless whether they are checked as such in the menu item).

The best way to implement this menu especially in Drupal 7, simply use this module called: Menu block module version 7.x-2.0. 

Now you know how to create and make your menu visible in Drupal.

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