How to Use and Customize WordPress Widget

How to Use and Customize WordPress Widget

wordpress widget pluginsMany beginners don’t know what WordPress widgets are, and some that know don’t know how to fully utilize the power of WordPress. The widget allows you to make your WordPress powered site to be more beautiful, but it’s more the beauty. More features can be offered to your site visitor via the widget section of your site. This article is channeled toward that. That you may be able to know how to implement this feature of WordPress effectively well.

What are WordPress Widgets

According to WPBeginner owned by Syed Bhaki “ Widgets are tiny blocks of specific functionality that you can place in your WordPress sidebars (also known as widget-ready-areas). For beginners, this is an easy way to add things like galleries, quotes, popular posts, facebook like boxes, and other dynamic items on their WordPress site.

How to Add features to WordPress Widget

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the Appearance tab and click Widget

How to Use and Customize WordPress Widget

The feature you can add depends on what you want, which plugin you installed with widget capability, and the theme also has its own influence. Some themes give you more access to more widget location just as we previously stated in WordPress Custom navigation menu.

At this widget page, you can see several widgets that you can add to your sidebar. You will several columns on your screen, each one having its use. The first column you will see is the one containing available widget function to use, while the others will widget locations e.g Primary Widget Location, Secondary Widget Location, Left or Right Bar Widget Location, Footer Widget Location etc. All these are determined by the WordPress theme you are currently using on your WordPress powered site.

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Should there be any widget that you desire, you can simply install a plugin that allows you to do that, and you can see the widget feature on your widget page

Add Widget to Sidebar

Step 1: Click on the Widget you want (a drop-down will automatically show up)

Step2: Select the widget location of your choice and click add.

Step 3: Set the parameters of the newly added widget to your desired settings and remember to click save

How to Remove a Widget from a Location

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the Appearance tab and click Widget

Step 3: Click on the widget location you want (a drop-down will automatically show up)

Step4: Click the Delete Link and the Widget will leave that particular location

How to Use and Customize WordPress Widget

But kindly note that the widgets page is not the only way to add widgets to your WordPress powered site. You can also add widgets using the live preview by visiting Appearance » Customize. But not all of your widget-ready areas and sidebars will appear in the customizer. which is why we recommend using the Appearance » Widgets screen to add widgets in WordPress.

Default WordPress installation does come with some built-in but limited widgets like recent posts, recent comments, archives, search, etc. Many WordPress themes and plugins come with their own widget.

Now you know what widgets are and how to make effective use of them, you can simply use make any adjustment as you desire. But remember that the best way to know more is to make an experiment with what you imagined in your head. But don’t do that with your live site. You can install WordPress on a separate domain or subdomain that is private to you or better install on your pc. Install WordPress plugins with widget capabilities and try them out.

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