How to Drive Thousand Traffic to your Blog from Twitter Daily

How to Drive Thousand Traffic to your Blog from Twitter Daily

Twitter is the largest micro-blogging platform that allows people to send short messages called “tweets” to their followers in real time. With Twitter, the spread of information has become much faster and businesses stand a lot to gain from tapping into this phenomenon.

Twitter is a type of Social Media Marketing tool, which businesses can tap into immediately. Gone are the days of cold hard advertising. Statistics show that products that are referred to others by friends sell much easier.

Twitter eases social sharing via tweets and huge hype can be built around launches via
trending topics using the “#” tag.

Besides that, Twitter has an increasingly growing user base and has currently millions of users. This can potentially be a huge source of traffic. The social media phenomenon is one of those exploding trends which needs to be tapped into by businesses, big or small to tap into a larger pool of customers. Even people in the golden era have started to use social media as their main form of interaction with their peers.

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With Twitter, you can communicate with people without it being public, you can send short private messages. You can also put keywords or phrases in your tweets by putting a hashtag in front of them (eg. #webdesign) and then that lets twitter monitor “trending topics” – keywords that are being talked about by a lot of people.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog from Twitter

Like any business, you must have a clear game plan or marketing plan or you may find yourself spending plenty of precious time using Twitter but seeing few results. Remember you are using Twitter for marketing and not a casual tool.

increase traffic from twitter

Setup your Twitter Profile

Think of specific keywords in selecting your Twitter username. Keep it easy to remember and spell. For personal branding, your own name works wonders. Also, don’t forget to think keywords in your short bio. People will often find others on Twitter by searching keywords in Twitter Search. Choose a good picture of you for the image because most people remember faces well.

On your profile page, put up a quirky yet description about yourself or your business that gets people curious about you. For your custom twitter background, you can use a glamour shot and design graphics which
display your business logo, website/blog URL, Facebook fan page URL, and email so that people can contact you easily.

Try not to put your images too far to the side of the page as certain browsers with different resolutions will cause the details to be hidden. Don’t put it too centre either because the tweet box will block it!

Also, use a clean, simple design so that people who visit your twitter page can have an enjoyable experience.

Content Sharing

When your account is set up be sure to start tweeting (status updating) right away. Don’t be picky. Just start
sharing. It’s important that you have some updates on your Twitter page before others see it.

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Remember, content is king. Tweet links to your videos, Squidoo lenses, articles, blog posts, audios, or anything else interesting to your target niche market. Once you have a huge following be sure to post content regularly. Since you can post to Twitter via cell phone, instant messaging, Facebook, Squidoo, MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress new tweets can happen even when you are doing something else.

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Get Followers

At the beginning of your Twitter campaign you can click “find people” and via Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL you can find friends who already use Twitter. Find and follow the leaders in your niche by scouring the many Twitter user directories. Be prepared to spend time observing these leaders and the various social orders within the user base.

These observations will help you to find the leaders in your niche. Pay particular attention to these trendsetters/influencers. Befriend as many of your competitors as possible, but do not forego the small guy as they tend to be quicker to repost your messages. These relationships should be nurtured over time and a few may well lead to some kind of joint ventures in the future.

Another simpler way of getting followers fast is simply promoting your Twitter on your blog, Facebook fan page or email lists of people who are already following you. Tell them that they can get the latest updates and news (as well as special offers) by following your Twitter.

In short, join the conversation and get involved in your community! That is the fastest way to build a huge following.

Have a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a marketing strategy. Here’s some simple Twitter marketing strategy you can immediately earn and apply to your business to start growing it immediately: 

Who do you want to reach onTwitter?

Be specific and limit your scope to the demographic you really need – Don’t try and hit everything that moves! Look up at least 10 of your customers on Twitter (a quick name search on Google can turn up their Twitter profiles). Once you’ve found some, look at who they’re following and who they talk to. These people could also become part of your audience. See how they describe themselves and the keywords they use.

The goal here is not to find everyone you’d like to interact with (that would probably be next to impossible), but to find people who might fit into your audience. Try to look out for important people in your audience.

Understand their language– You need to understand how your audience talks, what they like, and what they share. Look up what people are saying about your company. Are they saying good things or bad things? Are they asking for advice about what product or company to choose or are they giving feedback? Do the same for your competitors. Note if your competitors are jumping in or influencing any of these conversations.

Also, look at what your audience shares and retweets. What kinds of links and articles do they like? What kinds of terms and ideas get them excited or annoyed?

Finally, don’t forget to set a goal and track your progress. Determine what you want to achieve within your community and monitor your progress – it’s the sure-fire way to success!

Integrate Twitter with your Blog/Website

You can actually integrate Twitter with a variety of social platforms and your website to create buzz and a huge following. One of these places is your blog. You can add a “Tweet This” plugin at the end of every blog posts so to ease the sharing of your great content with others.

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One good plugin we use is sumo Plugin which incorporates not just Twitter, but also Facebook, Emails, Digg, Google+, Reddit, and Pinterest etc. Besides that, you can add a “Follow Me on Twitter” button on the sidebar of your blog so you can get more followers. Vice-versa, you can tweet followers.

Use a non Traditional Approach

You can also install an app where your Facebook content automatically gets tweeted so that you can lead your Twitter followers to your Facebook fan page and vice versa – Isn’t technology wonderful?

One more thing worth to mention is using your Twitter account as your signature wherever you go – Name cards, forums, commenting on blogs – All these are places where you can build a following and get more customers. Try it

Use Advance Twitter Trick

Here’s a couple of advanced twitter tricks you can learn and apply immediately:

  • Tweet 210 characters instead of 340: Although you can now tweet more than 240 characters, the whole purpose of Twitter is the short messages. Shorten your tweets to 210 (or shorter if you can) to encourage easy
    re-tweets and added comments.
  • Try Friendfeed for finding tweets- Friendfeed is a very good resource for searching for old tweets. Twitter search only goes back a few weeks, but Friendfeed allows you to search back much older tweets.
  • Don’t Use & in Your Twitter Profile: For some reason, the “&” symbol doesn’t get along well with Twitter and won’t be
  • Use Groups to organize your Twitter: Even when you are following a large number of Twitter users, you really pay close attention to only a sum of their tweets. By creating groups in your Twitter client, you have a column for those tweets that are really important.

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Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Twitter can be a great way to get more followers. That is if you do things correctly. If you make these silly mistakes, you’ll end up doing more harm than good:

  1. Ranting or blabbing on your business Twitter account
  2. Randomly following twitter users just to increase one’s number of followers
  3. Be inactive after you’ve garnered a following
  4. Don’t ever brag too much and provide zero value
  5. Do not expect to be re-tweeted if you do not re-tweet in return
  6. Do not take your followers for granted
  7. Spamming is a huge no-no
  8. Using default avatars such as the egg
  9. Do not EVER use generic backgrounds
  10. Don’t use Twitter to stalk or harm others.

In short, stay away from these Twitter mistakes and you’ll be on the pathway to Twitter success! Remember, treat others like how you would like to be treated. Which in this case means constantly striving to give quality content.


Twitter can help your business grow in terms of building rapport with your audience, increasing your customer base, and helping the spread of information to your market at a faster pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same way building a strong Twitter following doesn’t happen in an instant.

However, if you diligently practice these Twitter marketing methods, it is 100% that you will be soon bringing in streams of steady traffic into your business. The best way for success in twitter marketing is by eliminating what fails to work and trying new stuff to see what really works.

Once you have found what works best for your business, replicate and multiply your efforts and in no time you’ve built yourself a solid business empire streaming with thousands of followers.


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