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5 Bad Ass Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Blog3 min read

If you know how to use it effectively, email marketing can prove to be a powerful tool to grow, improve, or promote your blog.


According to recently conducted research, 205 billion emails are sent every day and this number is expected to reach 246 billion by the end of 2019.

Email Marketing Strategy


When you start using this powerful marketing technique, you’ll understand how newsletters can help you grow your blog. If you plan to promote your blog and have great content to offer your readers, you need to follow these seven handy tips.

Avoid Sending Unsolicited Emails If you’re not very careful with email marketing, you can easily ruin the reputation of your blog. One of the most quintessential tips in email marketing is not sending unsolicited emails.

Before you start sending newsletters to your blog readers, you should always get permission to do so.

It’s only through permission-based email marketing that you can expect to engage your subscribers and efficiently promote your blog. Always remember not to spam by capturing an email address from here and there.

Matching Email

Create a Matching Email Copy Whether it’s the color of the layout or the writing style of your email message, you should always create an email copy that matches your blog’s theme. Email marketing can promote your blog only when you help subscribers acquire more knowledge on a particular niche or topic.

Know Your Subscribers

Know Your Subscribers If you want to create personalized newsletters or email messages, try to gather as much information about your subscribers as possible. Even if you ask for only the subscriber’s name and email address, you can use their IP address to add a personal touch to the messages you send.

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Live Up to Your Subscribers’ Expectations Respect is an essential ingredient for strengthening a relationship. If you intend to build up a loyal subscriber base, you should always send only those pieces of content that you promised at the time of sign-up. At the same time, you should pay careful attention to the frequency of your email messages.

Don’t give subscribers any reasons to unsubscribe.

Traffic Back

Drive Traffic Back to Your Blog Since you’ve launched the email marketing campaign for blog promotion, you shouldn’t miss potential opportunities. Providing your blog subscribers with value-added content is excellent.

What’s more important is that you drive them back to your blog to grow. While creating the email copy, don’t forget to include relevant links to your blog. Segment Subscribers Subscription list segmentation is the key to achieve success with your email campaign.

Your blog subscribers may fall into different categories, based on their geographical location, behavior, demographics, and interests. In this way, you can send targeted email messages to each of the subscriber groups.

This strategy can immediately help you promote your blog and foster a personal connection with subscribers.

Don’t Hide the Unsubscribe Button

Avoid Hiding the Unsubscribe Button You may feel smart enough by not including an unsubscribe button or ‘I don’t want to receive any more emails’ link in your message.

However, that’s against the best practices and guidelines of email marketing. Also, it would be best if you always adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act which requires you to include an unsubscribe link in every email newsletter that you send to your blog subscribers.


Since email marketing is cost-effective, you shouldn’t think twice before you launch a campaign. If you follow the tips and guidelines mentioned above, you can quickly increase your blog’s reach, attract more traffic to your blog, and take your blogging efforts to the next level. 

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