How to Be a Better Blogger with These 10 Unique Tips

How to Be a Better Blogger with These 10 Unique Tips

What is the point of having a blogging career if you are not going to be any good at it? These days’, being good is not enough, especially with all the competition. So if you must become a blogger, you need to be one of the best. No one becomes an authority blogger overnight, so we want to share some tips that will make you a better blogger. Hopefully, over time, you could become a blogging authority.

 Discover Your Unique Spot

In other to be a better blogger, you need to define what you want to achieve with your blog. What do you want to communicate to your audience? What do you want your blog posts to stand for? Once you have decided these things, you have discovered what others call a niche. However, your unique spot goes deeper than that. It is something like a niche within a niche or that sphere of experience or knowledge which you have mastery of or are most comfortable with.

Once you have decided this, plan and streamline your activity to create the kind of content and online activity that is built on this niche of yours. Once your content stems from this area of expertise that is unique to you, blogging becomes easier and you will naturally stand out from the others in your blogging space. Strive to fashion a blog that is reputed for providing unassailable advice on a particular topic or aspect of life. That is how you become a blogging authority.

 Create Irresistible and Invaluable Content

The only way to be recognized for providing premium advice on any topic or area is to create invaluable content. People visit your blog for the content that is available there. Once you are able to create the kind of content that they need, the traffic to your blog will never ebb. If you do the opposite, then you can be sure that you will definitely lose more visitors than you would want to.

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That is why you must ensure that your blog has irresistible and invaluable content that keeps your visitors coming back for more. The ability to captivate your visitors makes you a better blogger. But how do you create this kind of content?

You could use content that is generated by the needs of your visitors. Use the questions they leave in the comment sections and the answers you get from the Q&A sites. When you use this feedback to create content, you are most likely to create the kind of content that resonates with them.

You could also use Google Analytics to find out what people are reading. This enables you to generate the kind of content that meets needs. In all, make sure you invest ample, quality time in the creation of content, the better the content, the better and the blogging experience for you and your visitors. And ultimately, the closer you are to becoming an authority blogger.

Insist on Quality Visuals

By visuals, we mean photographs, images, infographics, and even your site designs: just about everything that catches the eye. Visuals are crucial because they are worth a thousand words each and are integral to great blogging. So do not underestimate or neglect them. In fact, you should try to be as creative as possible with the visuals on your blog. Use bright colors that attract attention. The central ideas with your blogs visuals should be to have a trendy, flashy but not gaudy look that lures your visitors.

Assume You Are a Business

Professionalism is the key to being a better blogger. Take steps to grow your readership just like any business would try to grow its clientele. And to do that, you have to engage in some marketing so that potential visitors become aware of you.


One surefire marketing technique is to provide free services. Look for something that you can offer to your visitors. This will market you to potential visitors and grow your audience in the long run. Free spreadsheets are examples of such. They are often given out in exchange for an email which could be later exploited for marketing purposes.

 Use a spreadsheet.

One way to stay organized is to use a spreadsheet to keep track of your keywords. It is cost-effective and more flexible than using keyword tools which often limit the number of times you can use them daily. When you export keywords to a spreadsheet, the keyword list goes forward so you do not have to use up your attempts when using the keyword tool. Better still, with a saved list, you do not need to keep referring to the keyword tool.

  Social Media Use

You could exploit the power of social media to become a better blogger. How? Trigger the internal algorithms that drive the social media platforms and stand out in creative chaos that is the social media space by thinking out of the box in your engagement of the in the main channels.  hashtags are current, veritable social media tools that could be creatively used for branding.

Tagging people in comments is also helpful. If properly employed, tagging saves you the cost of Facebook adverts. You should also put your social media sites in your email signature because it makes it easy for your social media followers to find you. In addition, choose the best quotes from your posts and share them across social media.

Ensure Site Security

The best way to do is to install an SSL certificate. Your site security is a determinant of your ranking on Google as potential visitors are warned of the risks involved in visiting your unprotected site. You can imagine the effect that would have on visitors who do not want to contract malware in the course of their internet activity. Website security is crucial to you being a better blogger, do not overlook it.

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 Pay Attention to SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another way to optimize your blogging. SEO involves backlinks, blog post quality, social networking, and your keyword strategy. Use keyword planners and SEO plugins to drive organic search traffic to your site. In all, the aim should be to marry valuable, audience-specific content with great SEO. The result will be an exponential increase in your blog traffic. 

 Be concise

The saying “Brevity is the soul of wit” applies to blog because people hardly spend minutes while reading internet content. They skim through. Bear that in mind when you create content. Be as concise and quotable as you can. For one you are able to convey what you want as quickly as possible. Secondly, they can also be used on social media. The concept is simple: GET TO THE POINT. Don’t bore your readers with a dissertation.

Start an online community

Establishing an online community of readers starts with creating relationships with your readership. After hooking readers with captivating content, your regular visitors keep coming because of the level of engagement. Better put the sum of the impact of your content and how you relate with them.

You are at your best as a blogger when you are able to connect with a core group of followers. The larger the group, the better blogger you are. Maintaining a thriving online community is something that new bloggers should aspire to.

Apply these tips to your blogging and enter into a new blogging experience.


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