How To Build Authority, Influence & Trust When No One Knows Who You Are

How To Build Authority, Influence & Trust When No One Knows Who You Are


Remember the 90s American animated series ‘Pinky and the Brain’? An otherwise unassuming science-consumed genius mice aptly called Brain, with his innocuous not-so-bright sidekick Pinky, who both had a burning desire for world domination?
You do? Nice.

Now, one thing that always struck me as odd was how on every episode of the show I would ignore the eclectic brilliance of Brain and instead root for his unremarkable loony sidekick, Pinky. Years later I got it.

Everybody loves an underdog.
They always strike a chord in our hearts, leaving us irresistibly drawn to their aspiration and charm.
So you’re new and looking at building a blogging career. You look around and there are tons of blogging experts all over the space. The prospects seem slim with all this authority bloggers trolling the blogosphere; you might get slaughtered or swallowed up trying to navigate the space, right?
Maybe. But only if you stop reading this article now.

Still reading?
Okay, seems like you’re really serious about this blogging thing. That’s a great start.
One of the ways we can help is by letting you into a few age-old trade secrets to get you well on your way and help turn you into a Blogging Authority in no time.
Sounds good? Here goes.

As a blogger, there are 3 phases you would need to navigate to get your brand from who-the-hell-is-that to this-is-really-amazing-stuff. They are Authority, Influence and Trust.

Everybody and their Grandma want to be famous. That’s fine, as long as you’re willing to put in the work involved in getting you there. No point making an entrance when you don’t have the capacity for the long haul.

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It’s like starting a marathon at full speed only to break down at the first bend.
Let me put it another way.

Sam has a great idea about a food blog. What does he have in his arsenal? He can cook, is passionate about food and can pass for a good writer.
Great combo.
Oh, and he insists, kind of puts it out there, that he will post something weekly. Yeah, he did that. The problem is he didn’t quite account for the fact he would have to post something ‘different’ and ‘exciting’ every week.

That would mean 4 posts every month and 48 every year. Off the top of his head, he has like 3 or 4 topics that he is sure are unique and would make amazing posts but where would he get unique content for the remaining 44 posts.

Oh, he actually realized this predicament only after putting out the 3rd post on his food blog. So putting it mildly, he is stuck.
His problem? He didn’t have a workable plan.

Here are 5 interesting ideas and suggestions to get you transformed into an Authority blogger:

Dig Deep: Be sure to make your blog something that you really care about and not just something everyone is talking about. It would even be better if it’s a niche market.

So like in the case of Sam our fast-rising food blogger. He can maybe focus on Healthy foods and have a go at teaching people how to make healthy but delicious dishes.

Know Your Sh*%#t– Becoming an authority in any field takes loads of planning and research, way beyond the surface level. So be ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in the dirt.

There are loads of resources specific to your passion online to help you expand your knowledge base and give you that unique edge but you just have to find them; quickly.

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Don’t hoard it: So you have spent countless nights learning all this amazing stuff and you are supposed to just give it out for free?

It’s actually one of the easiest ways to grow your reputation as an authority. People recognize value and respond to it and soon you’ll have them beating your door down to get to you.

Say it like you’re sure: learn to cut out the weak phrases to avoid being misconstrued as unsure because people recognize uncertainty.

So speak with confidence and talk like an authority on the subject. Let the hours of research you put in show in how you phrase your words.

Say it like it is: there’s a need to balance speaking with confidence and being honest. Don’t pretend you know something that you don’t. Let your audience know that you are learning alongside them.

If you make a mistake, own up to it. It most often than not endears you to your audience because people naturally respond to honesty.

So that’s it guys, 5 things you need to practise on your journey to being an authority blogger. Remember, like Pinky and the Brain, taking over the world should be a daily endeavour.

Keep at it.

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