How to Build Your Blog without a Guest Posting Strategy

How to Build Your Blog without a Guest Posting Strategy

What is Guest Posting?

The concept of guest blogging is simple: you write a blog article according to the requirements of a particular blogger and get a backlink in return.

Since publishing premium content on their blogs engages current readers while attracting new ones and ultimately higher SEO rankings, guest blogging provides mutual benefits for website owners and the guest bloggers who are also interested in attracting more readers to their blogs.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to increase exposure and blog traffic. It is ultimately targeted at building websites via increased blog traffic and subscribers; networking; online recognition and authority, and ultimately more income. However, it is not always the best way to build a blog.

With guest blogging, especially for newbies, there is always the risk of targeting the wrong audience or illegitimate sites. The latter may even sacrifice or compromise the quality of your links and your brand. Then there is the security aspect. By posting on other blogs, you just might open yourself up to cybercriminals who may use your blog for an untoward business that could cost you your readers. Then there is the rise in sanctions by search engines like Google on account of the increased junk content and spam.

So whether you accept guest bloggers or you are a guest blogger yourself, you need an alternative for building your blog. We would like to show you how to build your blog without a guest posting strategy:

Create a Community

In essence, guest posts build a bridge between the blog you where you guest post on and your own brand or blog. It is a community building strategy which you can replicate by using a Facebook group.

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Without a guest post strategy, you will need a landing pad for your community. Based on current standing, Facebook groups provide an avenue from which you can lure potential and current clients to your business, blog or brand. A well-handled Facebook Group will prove to be an invaluable marketing resource for your business, brand or blog. You just need to understand the dynamics of its operations.

The first step towards optimizing Facebook Groups is to slowly but steadily create an environment where different people meet, interact and engage each other. There are advertising options that are available on Facebook but do not be in a hurry to use them.

Instead, you could use your Facebook page; your email list; your blog and /or the products or services that you render to increase your audience. Facebook ads should be something of a last resort since they are the least personal of the options.  By taking things step by step, you will gradually arrive at the point where most of your community members will be comfortable with what you are trying to do with the social space. The idea is to have a natural, organic approach to audience engagement that is more personal and long-lasting. This is because of the level of activity and engagement that occur in such groups where notifications circulate as well. And while one of the cons of the process might be the slow pace, using an optimized Facebook group can enhance your blog with minimal risks.

Use Multi-media Content Effectively

Content creation is an integral aspect of blogging. The question is what is the level of content that is expected of you if you must excel as a blogger? Especially when more content guarantees increased visibility and more business opportunities for your blog? Do you sacrifice quality content on the altar of business success?

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One thing is certain. Your content must stay related to the product or service you render. It has to be a marriage of information and the naturalness of everyday living. No need for flashy gimmicks. No need to be overly aggressive in your pitch. You could achieve a certain level of connection with your community by effectively using multimedia content such as:

  • Recorded videos –This kind of media offers a different type of content, especially for those members of your community who want in-depth information. Since it is recorded, it is most likely going to anticipate some of their questions.
  • Live videos – Live videos are often spontaneous and they are great for creating excitement and increasing audience engagement. Be sure to make live videos frequently. You could even spice it up with giveaways and sales.

The thing with videos (both live and recorded) is that they give a face to your blog. Yes, you may have a profile pic and such but you can rest assured that videos create the kind of connection that even the best photos and written content cannot achieve.

  • Regular content – Regular or written content will keep your community members only if it offers value and is easy to understand. Effective content is not about big words. It is simply about value and connection.

An Effective Customer Service

Customer service you might wonder. What does a blogger have to do with customer service?

Bloggers have a lot to do with customer service because blogging is a business and they offer products and services even it is at the lowest level of business operations. It is particularly important because without customers there is no business and without an audience can you call yourself a blogger? No, you cannot.


The concept of customer service as a means of building your blog involves pride in your blog’s output and your willingness to stand behind it. That means that the pursuit of excellence should be a watchword. It also involves good interpersonal relations with your community members who want to interact with or engage you. The texture of your relations with them determines how much they know about you, your product and ultimately how many people they tell about you. That is what good customer service does for any business. Use the same principle for your blog.



Guest blogging is a great way to draw blog traffic. However, we are of the opinion that it does not take advantage of the human factor that is so important in the social space that includes blogging. The tips shared in the article deal with ways that you can build your blog by incorporating the human factor. What do you think?

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