Setting up a blog can be very easy, especially with platforms like WordPress but the struggle to be consistent can be overwhelming. This can have an effect when looking to get blog traffic fast

From creating engaging posts and posting them; to ensuring they get to the right audience.

get blog traffic

All these can be discouraging especially for a beginner, that is why we have decided to share with you the easiest ways to getting traffic on your blog.

Getting the right traffic on your site is very important because this large traffic through website conversions can become paid customers.

Also, brands like Google are convinced to place adverts on your site and this means extra cash.


Here are ways to get blog traffic seamlessly

1. Traffic auto free service 8 Powerful Steps to Get Blog Traffic Fast

Are you a member of the “spend money fewer worries” gang? Then this option is for you. Traffic auto free service is an automated platform that helps you get traffic without getting you involved.

You can buy a traffic package or earn one for a period of time. All you have to do is sign up, drop website address and watch the support team do their magic. This is very important to get blog traffic fast

We are sure this sounds great! It just needs your financial commitment.

  1. Search engine marketing (SEM) and keywords research

This helps you bid for keywords to attach to your contents. In this case, you do not need an extra web extension installed on your computer or hours of keywords search.

SEM also allows you to buy ad space online, in return you appear on the front page anytime terms associated with your articles are searched. You don’t want to play down this step when looking to get blog traffic fast.

So although SME is paid for, it is one great way to drive traffic to your blog from anywhere in the world.

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On the other hand, keywords research helps discover words or sentences that are searched on google or other search engines.

Most bloggers just rely on instincts and what they feel like talking about. This is okay if you want viewers to be just from your contact list or your social media followers.

By doing proper keywords research, you would find unique content ideas for popular search topics, discover actual search terms people are in need of and create articles that would drive traffic to your blog.

  1. Understanding your target audience

Who is your targeted audience? What problem do they encounter that you are ready to solve? What content do they like? They are called buyer personas in  e-commerce and are important factors to keeping a person

So you see, the appropriate answers to these questions would help you not just in increasing traffic but retaining readers who come by your blog.

Your articles should, therefore, soothe their lifestyle, age bracket, issues, and even your posting schedule should soothe their personal schedules. To get blog traffic fast, don’t ignore this

If I am a full-time housewife then you know anytime is fine to read an article but if I have a “9-5 job” then after work is perfect to read an article.

  1. Having an editorial calendar

Having an editorial calendar helps you plan properly with the keywords searched. On your editorial calendar, each topic for at least one month is written side by side with the related keywords and the article’s objectives.

We know that the long list of keywords can overwhelm you to a point where you give up. To make sure this isn’t you, we recommend creating an editorial calendar just like we do at CMSFOLKS.

The idea behind this is to help organize and create a clear view of your strategy that pushes you to be more productive and deliberate. When looking to get blog traffic, take advantage of this.

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However, in as much as you want to be disciplined, do not be too hard on yourself. Start gradually maybe with two posts a week and then increase the pace gradually as you go.

  1. Create readable, comprehensive, relatable and useful contents

Life is one busy place; if you live in Lagos, Nigeria you should understand this sentence. Everyone is engaged so anyone searching for a topic on the internet needs that information to solve a particular problem as at the time.

What I am trying to say is that users and search engines look for good quality and relatable contents.

Relatable articles are those ones that share your personal experiences in relation to your lifestyle and daily routine. They are playful but insightful posts that communicate mainly to readers who use blogs as a means of escape or to get driven towards achieving certain set goals. Content is king when looking to get blog traffic fast

Comprehensive articles, on the other hand, are referred to by experts as “pillar-articles”, “flagship contents” or “cornerstone articles”. These are basically articles that solve real problems like “ How to make money on Instagram “.

They are your most important articles so you need to choose the most strategic keywords and provide as much information as possible in one long-form article.

In all, to solve any problem;5 you need to make all your contents easy to read. And one easy way to do this is by using simple diction in bits.

  1. Strategic use of SEO

You do not need to be one “guru” or tech expert to strategically use SEOs.

Yoast SEO can help you check the readability score of your content as well as help you find tons of other online readability checkers.

  • There are plenty of SEO tools and plugins, free step by step tutorial available but we recommend you use Yoast plugin for all WordPress websites.
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Must read if you want to increase your blog traffic

  1. Internal linking as a routine

Internal links help Google understand the context and connection between different articles on your website and uses it as ranking signals.

When you link each article on your website, you automatically increase page views and reduce bounce rate. However, this should be done strategically and in context.

Internal linking is paramount to get blog traffic fast.

Because we know the importance of internal links connection is as that of SEO, that is why it is on our pre-publish checklist for our editorial team.

  1. Share your blog post on social media

Share post! Share post! Share post!

Share and re-share post on all your social media constantly to help drive traffic. This might be time-consuming and so we advise you use a plugin that helps you do this automatically in real time.

When properly done, you will get blog traffic very fast

IFTTY is a free online service that allows you to automatically share your WordPress blog post on all social media platforms.

When you share your articles on social media especially twitter it tends to disappear after a while. In this case, your new followers do not know about that article you shared a month ago.

So at intervals, make re-sharing a habit my dear. There is no law that says you can’t over and over again.

Just like you repeat outfits, do repeat that share. In conclusion, do not forget to be as natural as possible, be you and use clear, beautiful and descriptive images to enhance the overall visuals of your blog.


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