When we started CMSFolks we obviously had more than 0 views. There were friends, family and social media followers who were proud of the bold step we took and so showed their support whenever a new blog post link was up.

However, after the first few months, the assign for blogging was dying. Blogging becaoboring and the zeal was almost at zero level because our page view was static and showing little or no growth as we expected.

And even those that initially supported us when we started weren’t as faithful as the inception. We cannot blame them because it simply means we have not been able to keep them with our contents.

So we saw the need to increase site traffic through proper search engine optimization. We needed other people who search for solutions online to find us.

We had to do more and employ some techniques to help us increase our google search traffic. We researched and read up articles just as you are doing now and then it was time to work.

First, you definitely need to “write more” .Writing everyday is not that simple; take this from a brand that delivers daily contents. Writing well detailed, problem-solving post everyday for a selected period of time seems the hardest and needs maximum dedication and discipline.

But the way to grow your page view is to get more posts and pages on your blog and we all know the way to go about that is b writing more and more and more.

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To help you come up with content ideas for a period of time like a week, you can decide to pick a broad topic and write about its different parts or stages in detailed bits. For example breaking this topic into seven detailed bits which covers a week’s content.

You can go ahead to make your posts a list post as these ones are easier to write and read too. For an example of a list post, click here!

Ensure you find time to research on the listed topics written in your journal and create optimized images that would accompany each post.

And can also be shared on social media platforms like Pininterest and Facebook. These pictures on these platforms  can serve as a means to getting traffic to your website also.

Like we emphasized here,  collecting, keeping and building an email list is another way to help grow your site traffic from time to time.

Aside from using the “Hello bar”, consider using “Thrill leads” which allows you offer bonus contents to your subscribers.

Bonus contents are not added to your blog post but hidden for those who click to subscribe to your mailing list.

For example, if I decide to write a post on “7 things I wished I knew before I started blogging”, I can decide to post 5 publicly and add 2 more only for those subscribed to my mailing list.

This technique would help increase your mailing list which is a consistent form of driving traffic to your blog.

Now, if readers come to your blog and they aren’t pleased with what you have to offer then they would leave and possibly not return.

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Writing detailed and problem-solving content cannot be overemphasized in the blogging sphere.

Adding enough visuals is another plus although they need to be optimized to avoid slow page-load speed.

This allows you to get ranked for thousands of both short tail and long tail keywords. It is also okay to hire someone to handle your visuals if you aren’t good at that.

If you are going to write then write something detailed that people wouldn’t find easy copying and is capable of solving real life issues in one way or another.

Furthermore, business development might not sound all that sexy even though it does to us because it brings in income… lol!…. It works in increasing your site traffic.

There are people or brands you can strike a healthy partnership deal with in your sphere that are not your direct competitor.

This partnership would allow them share your blog on their online space thereby drawing traffic from their end to your website. Although it is up to you to keep them afterwards.

One way to keep them glued to your website is by using inbound links. Links that are infused into your post which takes readers to other published articles when they click on them.

Inbounds link helps readers explore your website involuntarily which in return reduces bounce rate.

Therefore, try mailing brands and putting that call through that person you want to work with, giving them a reason to work with you and watch your site traffic go up.

Search engine optimization which is the way to increased traffic can be made easy through Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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SEM is one of the most effective way to grow your brand in an increasingly competitive online market place.

Here you use paid ad to appear on search engine result pages also know as SERPs and get the opportunity to bid on keywords.

So if you aren’t up for getting a free spot on the search engine through conscious effort to have the most relevant content for a given keyword, then a little investment in SEM would not hurt.

Most bloggers have Adsense installed with a few ads and have made little or no income. They basically use their blog to post daily events or sponsored post or product reviews to get free goods and services.

Most energy is spent on growing their social media page and rarely would all followers visit their blog

Increasing site traffic demands a conscious effort to do more, write more, be keywords conscious, add inbound links and images so as to reduce bounce rate(people leaving after reading one post) and in turn increase traffic.

As we all work towards hitting 40k , remember it isn’t magic so you should give it time while applying consistency.


Cheers to 40k PageViews and more!


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