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Beginner: 9 Ultimate Guide to Increase Blog Traffic13 min read

When talking about traffic, this is usually the major heart cry of millions of bloggers around the World. Most experienced bloggers are guilty of this. To increase blog traffic, you need no magic.

Don’t look elsewhere, this blog post will solve that for you.

There are several ways to get traffic to your blog without hassle. They have been used over and over again, and they brought about a change.

In today’s post, we go in-depth on how to effectively get blog traffic to your blog in days, weeks, or months depending on how well you implement the strategies mentioned in this posts.

increase blog traffic

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There are several resources you will have to click on this post. Take a coffee and let’s get this dilemma out of your way once and for all.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

To increase blog traffic doesn’t require any special skill. All you need is the right method to achieve the set goal.

There are different methods to get blog traffic and each method requires a different skill set.

1. SEO:

The first on our list is what you might be scared of. We will advise you shouldn’t be. SEO is a long-term investment you will be grateful to invest in. Millions of bloggers get there reward via search engines like Google and Bing. You should know they never get there in a day.

To get the type of traffic you desire from Search Engine, the journey begins now.


The very first step to getting search engines traffic is KEYWORD RESEARCH. To get your blog post on the first page and among the first three is to research the keyword you want to rank for.

There are several ways to research your keywords but we will major on some of the most effective and yet free.

Google Keyword Planner, Google Trend, and Pinterest are one of the best tools to use. They both fit-in to any budget, risk-free, high ROI and delivered in due time.

Don’t be amazed we mentioned Pinterest as a keyword research tool. Pinterest is more of a search engine than social media.

To perform Keyword research on Pinterest, simply make use of their search bar and what you will see are suggestions just like Google search. As you see those suggestions, you can be rest assured those are one of the most searched phrases.

You can also know trending posts and keywords when you look at the Pins the results bring back to you. The search result also showcases some tabs at the top section giving you a better insight on what people are searching for.

After taking note of those keywords, it’s time to visit Google Keyword Planner.

After logging in to Google Keyword Planner, you begin to type in the keywords you noted on Pinterest to get alternative keywords.

We will advise you to go with the keywords with little competition. To know the keywords with little competition, take a look at the campaign bidding price.

now that you have your keywords, take the last step by visiting Google Trend. This will give you a better insight about the search volume, location and other relevant statistics for better writing.

You definitely need to know your target audience.

On Page SEO

When dealing with On-page SEO, it simply implies you have to take proper care of your SEO strategy with careful steps on your site. On-page SEO is a major key to increase blog traffic.

Search engine crawler does check your site and take note of relevant things which we will be discussing in this post today.

 Blog Title

The first thing to deal with is your Blog Title.

Your blog title should be catchy and tempting for your audience to click on.

A typical example is “How to Start a Blog” and “Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog in 20 min and make Passive income”. You’ll click the latter.

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You need to master the key to generating blog titles that convert. This will send huge traffic to your blog.


How you set up your permalink determine what you get by the end of the day. The best permalink should be canonical.

Most beginners in blogging make a mistake in not deciding which is the best permalink for there blog.

To make your choice of permalink, here are our suggestions:

  •   (this is what we use)

These we believe are the best ways to choose the best URL for your blog.

To make changes to your permalink, if you are on WordPress, hover your mouse to the Settings tab on your WordPress dashboard and click Permalink.

But remember, if your blog is already live, we will advise you leave it the way it is or just set up a redirect to deal with 404 error page for your old post after changing your permalink structure.

When picking a URL for your blog post, don’t ever leave behind your Keyword. Your keywords are your best asset to increase blog traffic.


Another overlooked aspect is the heading

Most blogs don’t make use of the heading tags in their blog post. You have to take advantage of this when writing your blog post.

Try breaking down your blog post into segments. This helps search engine crawlers to better understand your website. 

When breaking your blog post into segments, making use of the heading tags, don’t forget to take advantage of your keywords

Your keywords should be part of one or two of your heading tags. This increases your chance of getting search engine robots to increase your site search engine page rank.

Visuals and Media

Most bloggers don’t care about this but truth is, the statistic has proven it that media and visuals are more digested by the brain,

Use relevant images and infographics across your blog posts.

Add necessary image attribute like alt text that will help your blog post. Search engines don’t understand images and an alt text help them know what’s there. This will help you rank better.

When dealing with the alt text, make sure you type in your target keyword

Add videos from your youtube channels. It helps user engagement on your blog.

First Paragraph

Your first paragraph is also an important part of your site.

Write at a maximum of 100 characters. Don’t leave out your keyword in this aspect. Find a way to make use of your keyword in it. It’s a proper boost to increase blog traffic

Responsive Design

Many still fall into this category. Several blogs don’t have their site layout with a responsive design. If you are part of this mistake, Google is penalizing you for that.

Mobile traffic is increasing every single day, to get your share means you have your site optimized for mobile view.

If WordPress is your blogging platform, our guess is you have a theme already optimized for a dynamic view. And if not sure, head over to find out if your site is optimized for dynamic devices.

Check your theme developer site, or enter your URL in Mobile-Friendly Test

If you find out your website is not optimized for mobile view, change your theme or better still learn how to enable google AMP for your website.

Read How to enable Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) for your WordPress site.

Linking Out

Another best practice you should adopt is the linking out method. You cannot give every information about a topic without making reference to relevant resource off your site. 

No one is an Island of knowledge. To say you know everything is to know nothing.

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Even if you do, you need to link out for the sake of SEO.

Link out to relevant sites and your audience will thank you.

Link Within

You are doing a lot of harm to your blog if you don’t link to your site content in reference to what you write about.

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Avoiding to link within your site content will not help your page view but increase your bounce rate. You have to avoid that. Don’t let your site go down with the search engine algorithm.

Linking to relevant content within your blog post is a good #SEO practice that will boost your site traffic…a longterm investment that pay off at the end 

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Boost Site Speed

Another major aspect you should take note of is your site speed. Your site speed can discourage your audience.

Slow website leads to a higher bounce rate.

To improve your site speed, you may have to change your Web host, theme and install caching plugins like W3 Total Cache.

Learn how to set up W3 Total Cache

Sprinkle Keyword over Content

Don’t make the mistake other bloggers make. They overload their posts with their target keywords.

Use your keyword but don’t kill your post with it. It’s a good practice if you adopt relative keywords in your post. This will help you increase blog traffic with ease

Long Content

Since you are blogging, be prepared to write long content.

It is advisable to write to have at least 1000 words when writing a post. This allows you to cover the topic with in-depth knowledge that will benefit your audience.

Google loves articles with many words. It’s believed they have more information.

But don’t make the mistake of writing more words to create a crappy content. Write contents with high quality and make sure they are lengthy.

2. Write High-quality Content

In the previous section, we talked about the basics of SEO. But of what use is the SEO tips we gave if there is no quality content on your blog.

Trying to increase blog traffic without quality content is like trying to build a house without a land

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All your effort to increase your blog traffic will be in futility if there are not contents of high quality on your website.

To write HQ Contents: Below are things you should consider:

  • Get to know your customers
  • Monitor your social media
  • Check out your competitors
  • Do keyword research
  • Test your titles
  • Read the research
  • Optimize your content

To write quality contents takes time though, but it worth the sacrifice.

To write the best content for your audience and search engine, you should read Jeff Bullas Post: 7 ways to write high-quality content your audience will love

3. Niche

Ever seen so many blogs without a specific topic? We bet you have. But you shouldn’t be like that. Focus on a specific niche.

Write on topics that trend over time and also takes your interest. Don’t blog outside your passion but let your passion be part of what people love to read

This is not saying you shouldn’t be different. But if you are blogging to make a living, add value, you have to blog to the interest of yourself and also to the development of others.

Add value with your blogging topic is the advice that will skyrocket your blog in no time.

There are several niches that sell well, below is the list for a template to choose from.

Best Niche to Blog 

  • Personal Development
  • Wealth and Money
  • Health and Wellness
  • Politics and entertainment
  • Service and Product Review
  • Spirituality
  • Home Decor
  • Frugal Living
  • Lifestyle

If you want a proper guide, you can read from both Zac John and Elna Cain to help you out in any of the niches you want to blog about.

4. Develop a Writing Style

As a blogger, being different shouldn’t be a problem for you.

You need to spell out your name as a brand and the key to that is to develop your writing style.

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Your writing style makes others know you better. It creates a familiarity with your audience.

Your writing style is the key to your branding vision. Except you don’t want to stand out in your blogging career…that’s when you can decide not to have one.

Want to develop your writing style? Read: 10 Ways To Stand Out And Develop A Unique Writing Style

5. Network with Other Bloggers

You need to network with other bloggers. This helps you not to struggle with authority social share.

One of the benefits of this is that it helps boost your reach with a new audience

To network with other bloggers, you need to hang out where they do. Places like Facebook groups, Twitter, Triberr and Google hangout will help to achieve this.

You will meet with influencers when you go to WordCamps. There are several ways to network.

6. Guest Post

Contrary to several opinions, a guest post is not dead. 

What you need if you think guest posting is dead is to guest post on the right website.

The purpose of guest posting is to extend your reach to a wide new audience. 

it wouldn’t make any impact if you guest post on a site with relatively low traffic.

Another advantage of guest posting is that it also helps you network with bloggers as stated in the previous section of this post.

In case you are looking for where to guest post, here is a list of 36 places to guest post

7. Build Email List

You should build an email list as your website grow. Your email list is one of your best assets. To build an email list is to build an empire of gold

1000 email is better to 100,000 monthly traffic to your blog. You can lose your site audience either due to search engine algorithm or hacked website, social account and so on. But you can’t lose your email list.


Your email list will mostly buy from you when you recommend a product than a site visitor who doesn’t drop their email for you.

Another advantage of an email list is that they are your loyal visitor and will likely come back to read more content you published especially when you send out a newsletter about your new post.

But don’t kill your mailing list with new post newsletter especially if you post every day. Once a week is hang out and you can include all the links to all post published in that same week.

8. Go Social

Social media is one of the fastest ways to get traffic before you start to see Google sending you one.

Create a Facebook fan page, Start a twitter account, Build a LinkedIn profile, have boards on Pinterest, etc

All of these will get you the site traffic you desire if properly implemented.

9. Advertise your Blog

This may not fit into your budget, but have in mind, you’ll need to place an advert to drive traffic to your website.

Advert gives you a head start to balance the gap with your competitors. It’s one of the best investment you can do for your blog.

Best places to advertise your blog are Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest among others.

Other Helpful Resources


There are numerous way to get traffic to your blog in no time but these nine above will help you over time.

Your comment will help quite a lot of people, let’s communicate there and remember to share with friends on any social media platform.

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