How to Look Like a Pro-Blogger When Still New to Blogging World

How to Look Like a Pro-Blogger When Still New to Blogging World

Part of growing true followership, making affiliate sales or getting people to share your content as quickly as possible with a new blog is making yourself stand out from the crowd of over three million OTHER new bloggers who look like clueless lost people, just wandering around and bumping into stuff.

The first problem is that newbies often that blogging is an easy thing, most of them make this mistake and start out a  mediocre with little or no result. But of course, blogging could be easy if only you want your contents to be read only by your mom

For those that want success in the industry, you must understand that to standout means to succeed. There are certain mistakes that can be avoided if you want to be taken seriously and regardless of what others may have you told or what you may think, blogging is far from being a walk in the park.

It will occur to you that blogging is much tougher than what it might look at first when actually start doing it. There are a ton of unexpected roadblocks and ordeals you must overcome, not counting with the mistakes that you will surely make.How to Look Like a Pro-Blogger When Still New to Blogging World

You can very new at blogging and not look like it. There are various ways to achieve this but without further ado, here are 5 ways to achieve pro blogging:


Proper Use of Keywords on Customized Blog title and subtitle

Content Management System like WordPress, allows you to change your site title and subtitle on your dashboard which is not only helpful for search engine optimization (SEO), but also looks good to people.


Your title and subtitle show up in the tab of a person’s browser when they land on your site. This automatically attaches some level of professionalism to the blog.


Build a Privacy Policy

Privacy policies allow visitors to know what types of information you collect from them and how you use that information. You may be collecting even more information than you know (especially if you are using Google Analytics or running ad programs).

Readers and customers should know what’s happening. To start you off, you can generate a free privacy policy with

When you’re done writing or generating your privacy policy, add it as a page on your site and then link to it from your footer or sidebar.

Build an email list.

An E-mail list amplifies your voice and helps you to reach a larger audience easily. In today’s world, people tend to take direct e-mail messages very seriously, therefore, there is a higher tendency that the messages get read.

Also, it helps you build a vast community of readers and that way you become a pro on how contents get released.

If you’ve not been doing this you’re missing out on the most powerful and consistent way to drive repeat visitors and customers to your website or blog. With an email list, you become less and less dependent on external sources of traffic and gain more ability to interact with your blog’s audience.

WP Subscribe is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes this happen.

Build your blog for lazy people.

Precise articles and blogs with real-time teachings, solutions, and words that make people stick with you is a necessity.

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Include “calls to action,” obvious links, a clear navigation menu, and anything else you can think of that will encourage people to browse through your blog.

If you make something hard for a reader to find, that person may look elsewhere or get frustrated.

Assume laziness and you will go farther with your blog.

Display links to recent or popular posts to keep readers engaged and on your site.

For WordPress, use the Advanced Recent Posts Widget. It’s free and allows you to include preview images and text excerpts with each post.

It allows to

  • Display post thumbnails, with customizable size and automatic resizing using timthumb script.
  • Display post excerpt, date, comment count, and more


Stay true to this rules and you”ll have a pro blog.

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