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First, AMP means “Accelerated Mobile page” even from the meaning, you can get the whole concept of this tool. It is a project backed up by Google, which is an open standard for any publisher to have their web pages load faster on mobile gadgets. Google officially list the integration of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) into their mobile search result on Feb 24th, 2016. The results appear on special sections in the search result page at the end of the search query by a user.

Below are the Few Purpose of AMP

  • Primarily, its a restriction to slow down parts of the web technologies while most of the focus has been on the virtual elimination of JavaScript, it has also restricted part of HTML and CSS
  • it adds custom <amp> tags to fill in some of the lost functionality due to the above restriction, for limited predefined, preformatted, web component
  • Ads will also be supported, but just as you may have thought, it is going to be in a limited fashion using custom <amp> tags
  • Google will add caching for AMP page, so they can be served from their servers quickly.  In benefit, you get a free CDN.

Alternatives to Google AMP

  • Facebook Instant Article
  • Apple News

Why Google AMP

Should incase you don’t know, over 50% of mobile users leave a website when the page load is taking over 5seconds to load, meaning if you are the type that pays no attention to your page load, you should check your traffick, cause we can bet that you are loosing more than you can think of and even your bounce rate is increasing


Since most user now uses a mobile device to surf the internet, including make a search query on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Then it is important to make a little tweak to maximize your site load time on mobile devices. That is what Google AMP wants you to achieve.

Google offers the lightweight version of your site to mobile users that visit your site on the google server for free, hence, you can maintain your site traffic and even reduce the bounce rate you get.

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress

Step 1: Install and activate the official Google AMP.

it needs no configuration. To verify that your site is AMP-activated, kindly visit one of your post on your site through the frontend and end the URL of the post with “/amp” (without the quote) i.e

Don’t panic, your site content is not duplicated.

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