How to Turn a Blog into a Business

Expert Interview: How to Turn a Blog into a Business6 min read

If you want to know how to turn a blog into a business, this post in for you. This interview is meant for all those looking to become a success in their blogging career

Today we are publishing an interview with a leading blogger from Portugal- Mrs. Anastasia from Anastasia started her blog in the year 2017 as a side project to follow her passion and today this blog has really ballooned and has become one of the top blogs in Portugal.

Let us get to know about her journey, hardships she faced on the way and her overall journey in the world of blogging. So let’s get straight to the point.

This post will teach you how to become a successful blogger and make money

Expert Interview: How to Turn a Blog into a Business with Anastasia

Can you share a bit of your story? When did you start your blog and what got you into an online business?

Expert Interview: How to Turn a Blog into a Business

Hi! I started my blog in the middle of February 201 7. I worked in digital marketing for about 10 years, so I was close to Google SEO, online marketing in general, and I read the stories of successful bloggers for years before I ever tried to start my own blog. At the time I finally started, I was working full time.

And I worked on the blog in my free time and on weekends for the first 10-11 months since starting this journey. As soon as I got accepted to Mediavine premium ad company, and got my first income report of about $1 500, I took the risk and quit
the corporate world to invest a lot more time into my blog. Never regretted that decision!

What has been the most successful action you have taken to grow your blog/business?

For me, it was focusing on Pinterest. You see, when I started a background in digital marketing, so I could do a little bit of everything – Google SEO, promotion on Facebook, even started an Instagram account. But that wasn’t helping me grow traffic to my blog.

Pinterest was actually completely new territory for me but I saw that big bloggers were getting about 80% of their traffic from Pinterest, so I invested all my time into learning this platform.

And it paid off really fast because with Pinterest you can see the results much faster than from Google SEO.How to Turn a Blog into a Business

What’s your number one tip for bloggers to grow?

If you are good at Google SEO, do it with full confidence and don’t look around – just focus on this one platform which you know and get the results from it. If you have experience with Facebook ads and can drive very cheap clicks from it then do it until you get the maximum results for your blog.

Then move on to other platforms. If you don’t know anything about any traffic generating platform, then my recommendation would be to start with Pinterest. It will show you the results faster than any other platform.

How quickly can a new blogger expect to see success?

A good milestone for anyone is the end of the first year blogging. Some traffic sources work faster, for example, Pinterest. Some take longer to really show the results, like Google SEO. So, if we think of an average across most of the blogs, it would be perhaps about a year.

What helps you stay focused to achieve your goals?

Honestly? I have a very human and down-to-earth dreams to be financially stable enough to help my family and friends, and I also have a dream house in my mind that is like a super goal.

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It will take years of work to get to the point when I can afford the dream house, and because this goal is so hard to achieve, I keep visualizing how it will look and what features it will include. I believe that visualizing your goals in the form of things you want to have or changes in your life, and not in dollar signs, makes your brain work better and focus on the most efficient strategies and solutions.

What’s your favorite part of your business/es? What do you enjoy most?

You know, blogging might be quite a solitary job at times, it’s usually just you and your computer. I’m lucky that I also offer 1: 1 Pinterest coaching services, so I always look forward to my live calls with clients. It’s a great way to keep in touch with reality and get a chance to interact with people from all over the world. All my clients have been a pure joy to work with!

Have you got any awesome advice for new bloggers?

I hope your readers will find that it’s awesome – I would recommend beginners to believe that they will achieve any goals they have with blogging. Don’t give up and keep working – and you will definitely see the results. Because blogging is not like a regular job where you get paid from the first month. You are also not paid by the hour as a blogger.

So you have to be ready and willing to invest some effort upfront but also, believe me, blogging can get you much further than any day job. And it can give you so much freedom – working from home at your own schedule, spending
more time with your family, achieving any financial goals you might not even dream about in a corporate career.

Tell us about your Pinterest Course for Bloggers

Sure, happy to talk a bit about my course too! I created my Pinterest course because I saw that there is really a lot of confusion about this platform, and it’s often majorly underestimated by new bloggers.

In fact, Pinterest is actually a perfect platform for a beginner to start because on Pinterest your domain authority or the age of your website do not matter. Any new blog can compete on Pinterest with older sites, which is nearly impossible on Google. The course has 9 modules about 6.5 hours of video tutorials.

I often get asked if this is a course for beginners or for advanced bloggers. In fact, I designed the course to get any beginner to advanced level. So even if you are a seasoned blogging and had a Pinterest account for years, but it’s just not clicking for you, I promise that you will find this course useful. You will also never feel alone or lost taking the course – I offer support on a daily basis to my students in a private FB group.

How can people sign up for Pinterest Course for Bloggers?

To sign up for the course, you can go to this page where you can also check what my
students have to say about the course:

Anastasia @ is a former digital marketing expert turn into a
blogging educator that helps others thrive on Pinterest, build profitable blogs, make
money working from home and more!

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