To Increase blog traffic is often a difficult thing to achieve as a blogger especially for a beginner. In today’s post, we will look into proven ways to increase blog traffic without spending big.

If you’re like many other bloggers who start with great enthusiasm and end up quitting, you might have missed important points on how to get more traffic to your blog.

Traffic is so important when it comes to blogging.

It’s like taxes that give life to your country.

After all, who would like to write blog posts and not wanting people to read it, right?

In this post, we’ll talk about how to build traffic to your blog.

As a beginner, blogging can be very daunting if you don’t know how to be successful in this endeavor.

After being on the internet blogging for a while (for about 5 years now), we have discovered some of the basic things you must do to have your blog in front of your target audience and get the desired traffic you crave for.

Read the following and get the basics of driving traffic to your blog.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Longer blog posts

This was one of the changes we made this year that had a big impact on making our content more shareable. Not only does Google really like when you publish longform content (thousands of words instead of hundreds), but readers really like it too. They don’t just want ideas or suggestions, they want DETAILS. They want specifics with examples and charts and numbers and the exact info on how you accomplished whatever you’re blogging about.

We look back on some of our older blog posts and cringe at the fact that we penned 500 words and called it good. Which is just what it was “good”. Not great. If you want more traffic you have to write REALLY great blog posts.

And yes, writing longer blog posts takes more time, but we made it easier on ourselves by only publishing two new posts each week (we think even cutting it down to one would have still produced a pretty solid traffic boost) and planning content that we could break into sections (like this!).

Blog Commenting

Full disclosure, this has NEVER had a huge impact on us, but it can bring traffic in if you do it right.

We *think* the key to effective traffic from blog comments is to give people some information about you, and what you do.

How to put this into practice?

If you’ve got a new blog, say so!

“I just started a new blog, and I’m going to try your tip.” (please add more to your comment than that.)

There. It’s that simple.

Leverage on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is now playing a crucial role in terms of marketing.

Big companies are doing it. Small companies are doing it.

Everybody is doing it, which means there is no reason for you not to take advantage of social media as well.

By using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other major social networking websites, you can engage and interact with your readers, and share with them any of your new posts.

How to effectively spread your content through social media:

  • Increase following. Add follow buttons somewhere visible on your site to make it easier for people to follow you on social media networks. This way, you can keep in touch with your readers in the future. Take a look at our little social icons on the sidebar. You can also ask your friends to join you on your business pages.
  • Post regularly. Use attractive images along with personalized messages for maximum impact.
  • Ask your followers to share your content if they find it useful.
  • Add sharing buttons to within your content to encourage your readers to share your posts. See how we added ours at the left side. If you’re on WordPress, you can use SumoMe to install sharing buttons on your blog.
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Guest Post For Other Blogs

And let other bloggers guest post on yours as well. Remember, blogging is all about building a huge network.

The more platforms you distribute your name and your URL too, the more likely that search engines and in turn, readers, will take notice of you and your blog.

But you need to be careful about who you guest blog for, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Check the quality of the content you’re writing for. Meaning, their content must be useful and valid.
  • They have to be within your niche. Ask yourself “Do they offer the same type of content as mine?” “Do they have the same target market as mine?”
  • They must be updated regularly.
  • Make sure to review their requirements!
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Facebook Groups

We have mentioned we love Facebook Groups before


Especially for getting traffic to a new blog.

There’re a lot of ways to use Facebook Groups for traffic. Let’s talk about them briefly.

  1. Promotion threads – the easiest way, and most obvious, is to participate in promotional threads. Many groups have special days when you can promote your blog.
  2. Reciprocation/Promotion threads – We consider these to be a little different to number 1, in that you pay for your promotion with your own time spent sharing/commenting/etc on other blogs.
  3. Introducing Yourself – do you introduce yourself when you join a Facebook group, or do you tend to sneak in like a ninja? We fall more on the ninja side of the spectrum, but most groups allow you to link to your blog. Making an introduction is a good way to get your face and name out there.
  4. Participating – this gets your name out there as a valuable contributor. Answer questions. Ask questions. Make posts sharing value. Be visible.

One of the most important things you can do is to have your blog on your Facebook profile. So, if someone loves what you’re doing in the group, they can click through to your profile and find your blog.

Respond To Comments

Plenty of bloggers make the grave mistake of not engaging with their readers. As a result, most of their readers, well, just read and consider their blog just any other blog.

If you want to build loyalty, brand your blog and make yourself more of an authority, you have to reply to comments of readers to your posts, especially those that raise interesting points or have a few questions about your content.

Host giveaways with share buttons

Hosting giveaway is a no-brainer, right? People love free stuff and they will gladly come to your site for a chance to win something awesome. But in order to boost our traffic, we leveled-up our giveaway game by using KingSumo Giveaways. KingSumo is a plugin for WordPress that gives entrants extra entries (say that three times fast!) for sharing the giveaway with their friends. People – this WORKS.

Previously, we had run giveaways using a form and requiring users to send a tweet and then comment with that link. But it stops there – entry requirement fulfilled, they had no incentive to help promote our giveaway more than one time. By using a giveaway platform that integrates sharing, we were able to create a larger incentive and get users to share the giveaway multiple times. More entries, more shares, more TRAFFIC.

Learn SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing your blog content for search engines.

Majority of people who surf the Internet use search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to find what they are looking for.

So it’s very important to make your blog search engine friendly.

Basic ways to optimize your blog for SEO:

a.) Use keywords, but don’t overuse. The keyword is one of the most crucial pieces of SEO. When people look for something, they will type that in the search engine tab. For example, if you want to talk about building a blog, there are many aspects you need to talk about such as its processes, factors that affect its practice, how to be effective with it, and many others.

Some ways you need to identify to come up with relevant keywords:

  • Know what your blog should be about.
  • Identify who your audience is. Who are they? Where are they from? Gender? What do they like?
  • Determine how your target audience speaks and what language do they use.

Let’s say you’re creating a new blog post about “Getting Traffic To Your Blog For Beginners”. Use specific keywords on your post such as “Growing Blog” or maybe “Increasing Blog Visitors for Beginners”. You may include them in your title or within your content. So when people search for “How to Build Blog Traffic”, your post will appear in top results in search engines. But do not overuse keywords as Google may flag you as a spammy blog. They should flow naturally within your content.

If you have any trouble coming up with good keywords, you can use Google Keyword PlannerWord TrackerSemRush, or Longtail Pro.

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b.) Provide quality content. The content you provide should be your main focus. Search engines put great emphasis on original, unique, and relevant content. If people think about your content as something helpful and full of essential information, they will most likely stay on your site, refer it to their friends, and use your blog multiple times.

c.) Post fresh content regularly. Blogs that update their content regularly often rank higher compared to those that do not.

d.) Earn quality backlinks. Your blog site is only one part of the equation. If your blog’s URL is found in other credible websites, search engines will most probably consider you as an authoritative site to be included in top pages of the search results. Some of the best ways to earn quality backlinks: provide great content, give out freebies and ask for a link back when they use your stuff.

But never settle with the basics of SEO, you should expand your knowledge regarding this subject if you want to maximize your SEO traffic. Here are some articles that can help improve your SEO skills:


Webinars are like the holy grail of free content. You can provide SO MUCH VALUE in just an hour. And not only that, it allows your audience to ask questions live. This is good for two reasons: first, it helps you to sound super smart and authoritative, and second, it gives you lots of ammo for more blog content. 

Collaborating with someone on a webinar will bring in even more traffic as you each introduce your audience to the other person. Don’t worry that you’ll have the same audience if you’re in the same niche – we always find there is a lot less overlap than we expect and double the hosts = double the shares!


If you’re a blogger and you’re not on Pinterest, drop everything and get on Pinterest. There’s a reason why so many bloggers sing the praises of Pinterest. It’s a blogger’s paradise! It will increase blog traffic faster than you thought

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Seriously. Pinterest is the bomb, here’s why:

Interested? Here’s what you need to know to make a splash on Pinterest:

  1. It’s visual – you need to make an image specifically for Pinterest. When you’re creating it, think of it as a little magazine cover and you won’t go wrong.
  2. Keywords count – learn a bit about keywords, it makes algorithms happy. Basically, what search terms do you want to be found under? Use those in your profile, boards, and pins.
  3. Consistency counts – to make Pinterest like you, you need to pin consistently. The easiest way to do this is with a scheduler like Tailwind.
  4. Type of content matters – you need to give people a reason to read your content. It’s a sad but true fact that no one really cares about you – they care about what you might know that will help them. “How to…”, “How I…”, “X tips to…”, all do well on Pinterest.
  5. CALL TO ACTION – in caps because it’s important. Let your readers (or pinners) know what you want them to do. It’s easy, it’s so easy it feels kinda silly. But, you’ll notice a difference. Try adding a little “click through to learn more” to the bottom of your pin descriptions.
  6. Offer incentives – you might have noticed pins with a tiny image of a document or ebook, proclaiming ‘free download’. This is great to entice people back to your blog and onto your email list. (Pssst… this is easy. All you need to do is make a cover image for your freebie in Canva, download the image to your computer, upload the image back into Canva and then you are free to drag it onto your pin image and resize and rotate to your heart’s content.)
  7. Group boards – don’t be shy. Getting your pins onto group boards is a great way to bring more traffic back to your blog. The easiest way to find group boards to join? Find a blogger in your niche, check out their profile, and their group boards. Follow the instructions on the group boards to join.

Update Your Blog Regularly

While there are many reasons as to why you should update your site regularly, you only need to take note of these three.

  • Like I’ve mentioned earlier, you increase your chances of ranking well on search engines.
  • Regular updates also mean that your readers or visitors will have a reason to keep on coming back.
  • You also get your hands on valuable data more often, helping you get to know which changes affected your website’s performance the most, for better or for worse.
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Content upgrades

It never fails, people love free stuff. We did three things with content upgrades this year in order to generate traffic. First, we included the info about whatever worksheets or checklists were included with our blog post to our pinnable blog images. And second, we added a customized thank you page with share buttons to every single upgrade that allows users to tweet or Facebook the link and tell their friends to grab the freebie too.

With this method, you can increase blog traffic fast especially if WordPress is you blogging platform 

Write For Your Intended Readers

Your blog should always have a specific target audience. This way, you do not overwork yourself by writing something for a more general audience.

Yes, almost everybody can use the information found in your posts, but always remember that when you write, the first thing that comes into your mind is that specific target audience whose problems you want to solve, or whose questions you want to answer.

Don’t Forget Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking websites or social bookmarking is important to increase blog traffic fast, because of four key things:

  • It’s fairly easy to distribute or share content through a wide variety of bookmarking websites, making huge traffic a very likely end results.
  • In some ways, bookmarking sites allow you to brand yourself and promote it simply just by creating your own profiles.
  • Because of the number of sites you submit or distribute your URL too, you also make it easier for search engines to index your URL and site through a variety of means, the most common of which is by tagging yourself using trending keywords in your niche that are related to your content.
  • Submitting your URL or site through bookmarking sites will help you get quality backlinks from your submissions, as well as a higher page ranking.

List of some bookmarking sites that you can use as a beginner:

  • Reddit – without any doubt, Reddit is the fastest and most popular bookmarking.
  • Twitter – we already mentioned Twitter in our list of the social networking site, but it can still work miracle as a bookmarking site when used with the right content and the right exposure.
  • StumbleUpon(Now – this website is known for offering rich content about almost anything. Make sure to add your link here to get noticed.
  • Pinterest – you can “pin” your content here to reach more people.
  • Other bookmarking sites you might want to try is Delicious and

Explore each of them and see which of them fit your needs, preference, and even budget. They have the potential to increase blog traffic fast.

Give up the stuff that didn’t produce the return wanted

Lastly, it’s important to pay attention to where your traffic is coming from and cut out tasks that don’t help bring in visitors. This is one of the biggest issues we see with most beginner bloggers – they don’t have a specific purpose for blogging or they don’t have a goal for what they want to accomplish so they just do EVERYTHING and end up accomplishing NOTHING. Multi-tasking is the enemy here. If you’re putting time into trying everything, then you’re taking time away from the platforms and strategies that will move you forward in a significant way.

So the TL;DR version of this – make SUPER valuable long-form content, give away free stuff, make it insanely easy for your audience to share it with their audience, and skip the stuff that doesn’t make a big impact on your stats.

You can increase blog traffic fast with these tips listed above

You may be interested in any of our eBooks written by Kunle Ajayi (Founder CMSFolks)

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