Do you want to install Themes on WordPress? And you seem not to know how…Well, previously we did write a post on how you can install plugins on WordPress. You can read it here: How to install Plugins on WordPress. we did write extensively on that, touching every methods and approach that is available to use. Well, this is not different from it, this is a follow-up post, taking care of theme aspect,  just as the former took care of plugin installation. In this post, we will talk about how to install WordPress Themes just as we did for plugins

All our post is aimed at beginners, which makes us use simple English even for non-native English speaker, we believe in leaving no stone unturned. And besides, we recognize the fact that any post can be someone’s else first time of learning about WordPress. This makes us to often define terms from the scratch. Let’s start.

What are WordPress Themes in WordPress?

Before we talk about themes in WordPress, let’s deviate a little to give a brief concept of what themes are in general. Do you remember those old fashion Java phone? You probably might have used it before. If yes, you must have downloaded several animation skins to help change the interface to something a lot more better than what the company is giving to you. An example of a website where you download those themes is Even your Android phone uses Launcher, right? and you probably have one. Enough of that. Let’s dig in

WordPress themes are files that are usually in zip format, used to change or customize the outlook of a website that is powered by WordPress. There are several themes available that even an expert can often be confused on which one to go for. And yes, we at CMSFolks often get confused when working with clients (clients don’t usually know what they want and they won’t want to listen. Often carried away with beauty of themes) But thanks to our level of expertise, we have our guidelines we use in picking out themes even to convince clients.

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Where to get WordPress Themes

How to install WordPress Themes

If you read “how to install WordPress Themes, we will like to let you know that the methods used installing themes is no different, only a bit changes in where to click but the process remain unchanged.

There are three proven methods that can be used to install themes. Two of which is through the WordPress admin dashboard and the other is manual using either Cpanel or FTP client software.

Methods Used are

Method 1: Using WordPress Directory Search

Method 2: Using WordPress Admin upload

Method 3: Using FTP or Cpanel

Method 1: Using WordPress Directory Search

This is the easiest method to use for you to install WordPress themes especially if the themes are free and its from

Step 1: Login to Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Appearance

Step 3: Click on Add new theme

Step 4: Use the search text box to search the desired theme

Step 5: Click install on the desired theme

Step 6: Click activate and customize (using theme settings if need be).

Method 2: Using WordPress Admin upload

Sometimes, you might want to install themes that are paid/premium. They are not in and you installing using the method above is impossible, to make sure you do this, this method comes handy.

Step 1: Download the themes to your PC

Step 2: Login to your WordPress dashboard

Step 3: Click the themes tab

Step 4: Click add new

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Step 5: Click Upload theme

Step 6: Click choose file to browse for the zip file in your PC

Step 7: After locating the file, Click Open in the dialogue box you used to search for the file

Step 8: Click install

Step 9: Activate and Customize if need be.

Method 3: Manually Using FTP or Cpanel

Premium themes are often too large to install using the method above. With WordPress only allowing you install or upload files not more than 2mb, we can be sure you will probably think its impossible to install premium plugin whose size is more than 40mb. This method perfectly takes care of that. There are two approaches to this and both approaches will be covered here.

Approach 1: Using FTP Client

Step 1: Have the file downloaded into your PC

Step 2: Extract the file into your PC

Step 3: Connect your site using FTP

Step 4: Goto wp-content/themes in your FTP client software

Step 5: upload the extracted file into the path mentioned above (i.e Step 4 above)

Step 6: Visit the theme on your WordPress dashboard

Step 7: Activate and Customize

Approach 1: Using the Cpanel

Step 1: Have the file downloaded into your PC (don’t extract the file)

Step 2: Go to file manager

Step 3: Open your WordPress Folder installation

Step 4: Go to wp-content/themes in your Cpanel file manager

Step 5: Upload the zip file into the path mentioned above (i.e Step 4 above)

Step 6: Go back to wp-content/themes directory in your Cpanel file manager

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Step 7: Locate the zip file uploaded and right click to Unzip

Step 8: Delete the zip file (No longer useful)

Step 9: Visit the theme in your WordPress dashboard

Step 10: Activate and Customize

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