How to Install WordPress Plugins(Both Free and Paid/Premium)

How to Install WordPress Plugins(Both Free and Paid/Premium)

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What is WordPress Plugin

You can find yourself so familiar with a lot of things that you might often be missing the meaning.

A plugin in WordPress is a tool that increases the functionality of a WordPress installation. it allows the users to add more features to your website. Example of this feature can be Security, SEO, Social Share, Commenting etc

Why Use a Plugin in WordPress?

Now that you have an idea of what plugins are, we believe you will love to use them. Adding another security layer to your WordPress powered website is a must and plugins are available for that and so many other things like backing up your website is also a must for you. Several developers, through the bowel of time, develop a powerful tool called plugins to help you when you need help in adding a particular feature to your website, it is wise to leverage their skill instead of hiring a developer that will charge too high for what you can get almost for free or at a very low price when compared to.

Where to get Plugins.

there are several websites where you can get free or paid plugins. The default source for all WordPress platform is their official website there you can find both free themes and free plugins at no cost. Every plugins and theme on this website are free from any charge. They are licensed on GNU and GPL meaning they are all open source project. Below are sources where you can get either a free or paid plugin.

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How to Install WordPress Plugins

This is the main purpose of this post, so let’s see how you can install your plugins perfectly well.

There are Three(3) Methods of doing this

Method 1: Using WordPress Directory Search
Method 2: Using WordPress Admin upload
Method 3: Using FTP or Cpanel

Method 1: Using WordPress Directory Search

This is the easiest method to use for you to install WordPress plugins especially if the plugins are free and it’s from

Step 1: Login to Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Plugins

Step 3: Click on Add Plugins

Step 4: Use the search text box to search the desired plugins

Step 5: Click install on the desired plugin

Step 6: Click activate and customize (using plugin settings if need be).

Method 2: Using WordPress Admin upload

Sometimes, you might want to install plugins that are paid/premium. They are not in and you installing using the method above is impossible, to make sure you do this, this method comes in handy.

Step 1: Download the plugins to your PC

Step 2: Login to your WordPress dashboard

Step 3: Click the plugins tab

Step 4: Click add new

Step 5: Click Upload plugin

Step 6: Click the choose file button to browse for the zip file on your PC

Step7: After locating the file, Click Open in the dialogue box you used to search for the file

Step 8: Click install

Step 9: Activate and Customize if need be.

Method 3: Manually Using FTP or Cpanel

Premium plugins are often too large to install using the method above. With WordPress only allowing you install or upload files not more than  2mb, we can be sure you will probably think its impossible to install premium plugin whose size is more than 40mb. This method perfectly takes care of that. There are two approaches to this and both approaches will be covered here.

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Approach 1: Using FTP Client

Step 1: Have the file downloaded into your PC

Step 2: Extract the file into your PC

Step 3: Connect your site using FTP

Step 4: Goto wp-content/plugins in your FTP client software

Step 5: upload the extracted file into the path mentioned above (i.e Step 4 above)

Step 6: Visit the plugin on your WordPress dashboard

Step 7: Activate and Customize

Approach 2: Using the Cpanel

Step 1: Have the file downloaded into your PC (don’t extract the file)

Step 2: Go to file manager

Step 3: Open your WordPress Folder installation

Step 4: Go to wp-content/plugins in your Cpanel file manager

Step 5: Upload the zip file into the path mentioned above (i.e Step 4 above)

Step 6: Go back to the wp-content/plugins directory in your Cpanel file manager

Step 7: Locate the zip file uploaded and right click to Unzip

Step 8: Delete the zip file (No longer useful)

Step 9: Visit the plugin on your WordPress dashboard

Step 10: Activate and Customize

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