6 Ways to Make Money Fashion Blog (Effective Methods 2018)

6 Ways to Make Money Fashion Blog (Effective Methods 2018)

Are you planning to start a fashion blog or you already have one, this post will help you in your decision-making process when it comes to how to make money fashion blog.

Several people make passive income from their fashion blog. Some even quit their 9-10 jobs and are now fully employed doing their dream job from their blog which is their hobby.

To list a few fashion bloggers who are successful, we have taken some sample for you to get motivated. See the list below:

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Those listed above make enough income to their blog that they don’t need to be employed but some employ team of developers, Editors, marketers etc.

You can also have this type of success only if you will start your own fashion blog today

But before you can begin to make money from your fashion blog, you need to learn how to promote your fashion blog. A fashion blog is a lot more different to other blogging niches around the globe, hence you need to master the art of blog promotion especially for fashion blogs.

The best and most potent platform we believe you can use to promote your fashion blog is Pinterest.com.  We will advise you take Anastasia course:  Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets. You will definitely see changes on your blog in the space of 30 days.

We have written a detailed post for you: 15 Effective Ways to Promote Fashion Blog and Make Passive Income.

How to make money fashion blog: 6 Easy Methods

Fashion blogging has been around since the early 2000s, but only in the last decade has it become something more than a hobby. Here are four of the most popular ways to make money doing what you love.

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Ambassador programs.
  3. Sponsored ads.
  4. Sell old clothes on Poshmark.

Think you have the style and stamina to make it in fashion blogging? Read on to learn how to make money fashion blogging.

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1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the very first on almost any list of how to make money fashion blogging. While you may not fully know what affiliate marketing is right now, if you’re into the blogging career, you have definitely come across affiliate links and may have clicked on one or more of it. millions make money fashion blog with this method

Affiliate links are the links you see in blog posts that take you to the particular piece of clothing, makeup, tools, plugins, themes, landing pages or accessory the blogger has referenced in their post.

 Depending on what network or advertiser the affiliate link is established with, you can receive a commission in one of two ways:

  • When someone clicks on your link and buys the product you linked to or
  • When someone clicks on your link and buys any item, regardless of if it’s the item you linked to or not.

So, how do you get these coveted little money-makers? By applying to an affiliate network. Affiliate networks are companies that require an application and have you go through an approval process to gain access to their advertisers. Once accepted into the affiliate network, you are able to browse through their advertisers and apply to each individual brand to see if you can work together.

Popular affiliate networks

But as a new blogger, you may be rejected when applying for affiliate publishing access.

The advice most often repeated by fashion bloggers who get rejected? Keep trying. Keep posting high-quality photos, post consistently, engage with your audience, grow your following — then try, try again.

If you’re looking for a network that’s easily accessible, Amazon Associates is the way to go. Signing up for Amazon Associates is simple, and they accept most applicants. Once accepted, you can create individualized product links and embed them into your blog.

The great thing about Amazon is that even if a reader clicks on that gray pinstripe suit you’ve been raving about, doesn’t buy it, but buys something else, you can still receive a commission simply because they originally came to Amazon through your link.

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2. Display Ads Using Google AdSense

Most websites on the internet rely on ads to generate revenue. Google AdSense allows you to easily display ads on your website and make money from your blog even when you’re just starting. very popular to make money fashion blog

3. Ambassador programs

Nowadays, ambassador programs are becoming more and more popular because of how simple they are to use. You can also make money fashion blog with this method. Certain companies will give fashion bloggers a custom promo code (usually associated with their name) they can announce to their followers.

With the growing popularity of ambassador programs, the easiest way to get involved is to find a brand you like and do research on their website. Or, simply send them a message asking if they have an ambassador program you can be a part of.

3. Build an Instagram Following

Instagram has placed itself as the top social network for fashion and style influencers. You need to join Instagram and start posting with relevant hashtags to make sure that your posts reach the right audience. With this, you can make money fashion blog

The best way to come up with an Instagram strategy is by following other top fashion blogs on Instagram. Study their posts, descriptions, and hashtags and try to replicate the same effect with your Instagram posts.

You should also network with other influencers and do S4S, share for share, campaigns. In this strategy, each party will share the other’s Instagram posts and tag them. It helps both people increase their following.

Another easy way to build Instagram following is by sharing your Instagram posts on your WordPress blog.

4. Sponsored ads

You see it all the time on fashion bloggers’ Instagram accounts. They post a photo, write a clever caption, and at the end of the post, you will see the hashtags #sponsored or #ad. This is very potent to make money fashion blog

Those key hashtags let readers know the blogger got paid to post. Each company differs in what they are looking for when it comes to working with fashion bloggers and what they expect in exchange for their compensation. More often than not, brands will send you product in exchange for a post or two.

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If you really want to know how to make money fashion blogging, you’ll need to build your following and reputation. Most companies will want to know you have a significant following and are thoroughly engaged with your audience before agreeing to do a sponsored ad. They want some assurance that by sending you free product and paying you to post, they will receive a decent return on investment.

5. Brand Promotions
promote brand

Reach out to brands, fashion startups, and agencies to partner up with them. The best way to find which companies are doing blog promotions is to keep an eye on top fashion bloggers and their Instagram posts.

For more ways to generate revenue from your fashion blog, see our guide on proven ways to make money from your blog.

6. Sell old clothes on Poshmark

If you’ve been in the fashion blogging game for a while, you’ve probably built up quite the closet. This is another way to make money fashion blog

While taking your clothes to a local consignment shop is practical and convenient, consignments stores rarely give you compensation anywhere near what you originally paid for your precious items. The next time you have an “out with the old and in with the new” clothing purge, consider selling your old clothes on Poshmark.

make money fashion blog

A marketplace where people sell new and gently used clothes online, Poshmark tops the list of how to make money fashion blogging. While it’s not as easy as shoving all your clothes into a trash bag and hoping for the best, selling your clothing items through Poshmark is a great way to make money fashion blogging.

All you have to do is create an account and start listing your items for sale. You’ll have to put some elbow grease into taking pictures, writing descriptions, figuring out your prices, and shipping products once you’ve sold an item, but the return on investment is worth the effort.

now that you have the list, make money fashion blog is easy following the steps above. Remember to share this on your social platforms. Use the comment section below to  engage with us.

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