Marketing Your Pinterest

6 Ultimate Guide to Optimizing and Marketing Pinterest5 min read

Marketing on Pinterest is not confined to home chefs and lifestyle bloggers. This post will teach you Marketing Your Pinterest. You, too, can bring life into your marketing campaigns on this social media platform.

According to Sprout Social, 50 percent of customers who see promoted pins on Pinterest go-ahead to make a purchasing decision.

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Further, an overwhelming 65 percent of buyers discovered a new product, service, or brand from content published on the network. If these statistics are anything to go by, you need to start today, because your competitors are most likely doing it already. The following are a few tips and tricks.

Marketing Your Pinterest

Update Your Pinterest Accounts and Profile

If your account is personal, start by turning it into a business account. While the procedure is free and easy, take time to fill all entries correctly to have the look and feel of a top brand. Ensure that the bio defines your business with relevant keywords that users are likely to type when looking for your products or services.

Ultimate Guide to Optimizing and Marketing Pinterest
Pin Me to Pinterest

Make updates on your account with SEO at the forefront of your mind. This helps search engines to fetch your account and/or pins to serve ideal users. Your cover photo should clearly define what your business is all about. In addition, let your profile allow users to connect to your other social accounts.

Tailor Your Business Profile

Bring your Pinterest business account into the next gear by adding custom touches. Incorporate board covers as uploaded photos to have a cohesive brand look.

Be creative with branded icons, colors, and fonts. Naming your boards should mix both brand terms and SEO-friendly keywords. Add more key phrases in the description space.

Speaking of description, include top search phrases so that Pinterest users can easily land on your boards. You can never go wrong with this because the network serves you with related topics when you search for the basic words. Go ahead to narrow them down and choose the most relevant.

Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

Make it possible for your website visitors to always get to Pinterest from product pages. One option is to deploy the Save Button on the social network. The other option is to customize your sharing buttons. While Article Pins are great for your blog, Rich Pins show pricing info.

It is easy to sync your Pinterest account with your web store. From the Pin, users can click the “Add to bag” button that takes them to checkout without exiting Pinterest. In fact, they can save multiple products from different websites into the same bag.

Pin Actively

Just like any other social media platform, users measure your seriousness and authority by how active you are. Take the time to customize content and pin it while checking what users are pinning from your web store. People want to see fresh content in your Pins. Be creative to refresh content to keep audiences returning for more. conducted a study on the best days and times to update content on social media. Experts estimate that most Pinterest users are active on Saturday mornings.

While adding anything new, take advantage of relevant hashtags and descriptions. Both are valuable search references, as they are clickable.

Optimize your Videos and Images

According to, videos are far more successful for marketing on social media than images. Develop creative “how-to” videos that describe the advantages and benefits of your services to the ideal consumer. In the past, you could only pin YouTube videos. More recently, Pinterest made it possible for marketers to pin Vimeo videos.

When it comes to images, high quality is the name of the game. Hire a professional photographer who has expertise in capturing tangible products.

Haven’t you seen Pinterest images of meals at restaurants that immediately make you want to go there? Ensure that the image size is optimal for the platform. The standard dimensions are 600 pixels and an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Make the Most of Infographics

There is no denying that infographics have a viral visual power. As they engage a high number of users, content developers have now created them for just about any industry and business. The secret lies in making relevant images. If correctly done, infographics on Pinterest can rival those on your Facebook business account.

Create Pins for Behind the Scenes Action

Use video and photo pins that depict what a day in your business or office looks like. This helps establish and build a personal connection with your audiences and ideal customers. They can put faces behind the brand and get closer to you. This can work perfectly for office parties, CSR events, and other functions.

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The Internet today is flooded with promotional material. Once in awhile, explore using Pins that offer advice, instructions on use or assembly of equipment, and safety guidelines. Ensure that this info is accurate, relevant, and refreshing.

People will deem you an expert in your field and may just proceed to purchase from you based on that. Utilize these and other top Pinterest marketing ideas today. They could help you become the market leader that you have always wanted to be.

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