SEO for Modern Content Writers

SEO for Modern Content Writers

Owing to digitization and its impact on the business space, quality websites are vital to the success of today’s business concerns. These websites will only provide support and value when they have premium content because websites are ranked according to the quality of their content. The presence or absence of the right words largely affects website ranking on the internet. This is because the evolution of Google’s algorithm and the proliferation of information on the internet make it imperative that your online content must be original and provide value whilst adhering to SEO best practices. In today’s business space, content marketing goes beyond SEO optimization. It is all about exceptional content.  That is the way it is for modern content writers.
Modern content writers know that people quickly reach decisions when browsing websites because they have to sift through so many options in order to find what they seek. That it is why effective content marketing starts with creating intelligent website content that provides valuable information that is search engine optimized. Here are some tricks that will keep your content search engine optimized:

Know Your Target Audience

This is the very first step because you can only create search engine optimized content when you know who you are writing for: their location, age, interests, and desires. Without this information, you will only end up creating generic content that won’t rank well since the content is too broad to be impactful.

However, when you know your audience well enough, your content will be more specific and better suited to get results since it considers what your users are looking for.

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Use Keywords

Keywords are signposts that signal topics and hints at the nature of your content. We recommend that you use long-tail keywords because although they may be clumsier than the short ones, they generate more organic traffic. Start with any long-tail keyword after which you find a few others that are linked to the first long-tail keyword. Then you create the kind of content that targets them on your website. However, you must use them sparingly and naturally, in order to avoid unnecessarily stuffing your content with keywords that may get you penalized by Google or discarded by your readers. 

Easily Read Content

Easily read posts lower bounce rates and increase organic rankings. In order to get more people to read your post, you must ensure that the content is exceptional and is broken into short paragraphs that do not exceed 3-4 sentences. That way the reader can quickly grasp your ideas.

You should also vary the length of your sentences because long sentences are tedious to read on a computer or mobile device so varying the length of the sentences in your content makes it easier for people to read. Using sub-headers and bullet points make scanning the content easier since most people spend less than a minute when reading online content. Once your content can reflect any or all of these tips, your content is more likely to get more organic traffic since the bounce rates will be reduced.

Use Bucket Brigades and Inverted Pyramids

A bucket brigade is a technique used in writing to pique the readers’ interest. It is great for SEO marketing because it reduces bounce rates by breaking ideas into multiple sentences that include a trigger word and ends with a colon that piques interest. In writing, the inverted pyramid simply means putting the most valuable information at the top of the article and then following it with less important information. Combining both techniques is very effective as it keeps your readers hooked to your content and reduces or eliminates that bounce rate of the content where they are used.

Include Tags in Title and Body 

 Title tags are significant to your content because they let search engines know how it is structured. It is displayed as the big blue link in search engine results. It should also be descriptive, relevant and have the right keywords. Most importantly, ensure that it is a reflection of the body content or you run the risk of Google reconciling the title with information from your meta description or page content.

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Use Multi-Media Content 

Multi-media content is a veritable tool for reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates. This is because visual content appeals to emotions, creates intimacy with your visitors and engages them. They also serve to make your content more interesting especially when they are used to support the thrust of content.

Exploit Internal Links 

Internal links help search engines understand your content and keep users longer on the website where they can navigate to the topics of interest. Use them to provide extra information about the subject of your content by linking to a related page(s). Be sure to point to valuable and live pages. Also, make sure that you link to the proper anchor texts.

Although the more internal links you have, the more value your content has and the higher its rankings on search engines, avoid using too many internal links because they could also have the opposite effect.


Although recent Google updates have sent SEO to the backburner, modern content writers can infuse their writing with some SEO tactics that will make them effective content marketers. We hope you will employ these tips which we have shared with you in increasing your effectiveness as a modern content writer.




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