Step by Step WordPress Setup
step by step wordpress setup

Step by Step WordPress Setup

This guide covers exactly how to set up a WordPress website from scratch, because here’s the problem: you are looking to start a website for your blog, business, portfolio, store, or forum – but the idea of messing with computer code, databases, or software sounds a bit daunting.

The good news is that doing self-hosted WordPress website setup is straightforward.

Let’s dig in

Here’s how to set up a WordPress website step by step…

Domain – You will need a something for people to type into their browser to get to your website. You’ll learn exactly where and how to purchase it, and point it in the direction of your website.

Hosting – You will need somewhere for your website to live. You’ll learn exactly how and where to purchase it and set it up.

WordPress – Your website needs software to “power” it. And nothing beats WordPress nowadays. You’ll learn exactly how to set up a WordPress website safely, securely (with 1-click install!). Note that this is the free self-hosted WordPress software not the paid service.

Design + More Information – WordPress makes it easy to have a professional looking website – and has the ability to become whatever you want it to be. You’ll learn exactly where and how to learn everything you’ll ever need to know about WordPress and doing WordPress website setup.

How To Setup Hosting For WordPress Website + Domain

domain name is simply what people type into their browser to get to your website (ie, A hosting account is simply a computer server where your website files live.

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Here’s how to buy and setup both…

How To Purchase A Domain Name

Note – if you already own a domain name, you can skip down to How To Setup Hosting For WordPress.

To save money and make things easier for yourself in the future – purchase your domain separately from your hosting. Hosting and domain registration are two different activities – and usually companies only do one well (and at a good price). When you purchase separately, you not only get better pricing & management, you also get the benefits of diversity and not having all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

Go to either NameCheap or GoDaddy and search for the name you want, and proceed through the checkout. You do not need any upsells. You can get everything you’ll need from your hosting company.

Namecheap has excellent service, a good interface, and cheaper long-term pricesGoDaddy offers excellent short-term promos, phone support, and an ok interface.

Once you have your domain name, we need a hosting server to “point” it to.


How To Set Up Hosting For WordPress

Choosing a good web hosting company is critical for your website. Web hosting companies tend to make things way too confusing with useless feature overload, short-term discounts (then expensive long-term prices), and over-promising customer service. They also create confusing offers like “WordPress hosting” – even though sometimes WordPress hosting is no different than standard web hosting.

There at hundreds of web hosting companies on the Internet. There is no such thing as an “overall best” – only the best for you & your situation.

Here are the 3 companies that I usually end up recommending to DIYers. You can also read my full hosting reviews, including ones for HostGatorInMotion & SiteGround if you’re interested.

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How To Install and Configure WordPress

So now that we have an address and a place for our website to live, we can dive into how to setup a WordPress website on the server. WordPress is going to be the software that powers your website. But before it can power your website – it needs to be installed on your hosting server.

Here’s how to install and configure WordPress…

Installing WordPress With QuickInstall

While you can certainly install WordPress manually, InMotion (and others mentioned) has an excellent, free, secure tool to quickly install WordPress onto your new hosting account.

Step 1. Access your hosting control panel (cPanel).

Head back to your InMotion Account Management Panel. Click the link to go to your cPanel(control panel). It should automatically log you in to cPanel.

And yes, there is a link to “Install Popular Software” – that link just ends up going to cPanel anyway through a different login screen. Easier to go directly to cPanel.

Access to cPanel Setup

Step 2. Find the WordPress installer script.

Now that you are logged into hosting cPanel – you’ll need to go looking for an icon called “WordPress” and/or “Softaculous” and open it. You’re looking for this:

WordPress Auto Install

Step 3. Run the WordPress install script.

Open the WordPress auto-install script opened and then continue.

Start WordPress Setup & Install

Step 4. Enter website information into installer.

Now you will just fill out your information, and click Install. Be sure that your email address is correct. Leave the field after / blank – that is for only if someone already has a website on the main domain that they want to keep running. Enter your Blog Title – you can change it once you’ve installed WordPress.

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WordPress Setup Fields

WordPress Admin Setup

Step 5. Confirm the installation and log into WordPress Dashboard!

After a few seconds… Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a new WordPress website – and now you know exactly how to set up a WordPress website on your own server.

Be sure to copy your username and password in a safe place (it will also be emailed to you).

And go login to your new WordPress site at http://[]/wp-admin! You can also check your email to get links & login information.

InMotion Setup for WordPress Install

With this your WordPress website is ready to be designed.


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