WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin) is the administration area of your blog. It is the first screen you see when you log into your blog backend as an admin. To have access to this part of a blog, you have to be the owner of the blog or made an Admin by the owner with a “username” and “password”.

The Dashboard screen presents information in blocks called widgets. The widgets allow you to get at a glance an overview of what is happening on your blog; who is liking your posts, drafting a post, how popular your posts are, checking and replying comments as well as getting news from WordPress.

The following widgets are included by default on WordPress Dashboard:

The WordPress dashboard
  • At a Glance
  • Activity
  • Your Stuff
  • Quick Draft
  • Stats
  • WordPress News

These are default widgets that come with setting up a WordPress blog; you can however have other customized widgets installed once you are settled in through a plugin code. For now let’s dive into discussing these widgets one after the other;

  1. At a Glance

Just as the name implies, it gives you an “At a Glance” view of your blog posts, comments, likes, theme, pages and spam. Each of this content types are displayed in a link form that you can click on to manage that associated content type.

There is a count of your total comments and spam as well as a statement at the bottom indicating the WordPress version you are running on and the theme you have activated on your site.

  1. Activity

This widget shows the upcoming scheduled posts, the most recent comments on your post, recently published post and allows you to moderate them. Each listed comment has a link to the related post which allows you edit that particular post.

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Hovering your cursor around a listed comment activates options for you to Approved/Unapproved, Reply, Edit, See the History, Mark as Spam or Trash.

Replying a comment

If you click on Reply, a form that allows you type your reply directly from your dashboard would appear.

  1. Your Stuff

When clicked on, this widget would show your recent activity on WordPress.com; links to comments you have left on other WordPress blogs as well as links to post on any of your blogs where you recently edited.

  1. Quick Draft

It is a mini-post editor that allows you to quickly and easily draft your thoughts from your dashboard. You get to include title and body text and save as draft. These drafts are displayed below the “quick draft” editor allowing a one-click access from the dashboard.

If you click on any draft, it allows you edit that post. However, for immediate additional options like adding categories, links, or setting a new publish date for your post, use the “Add New Post” in your admin interface.

  1. Stats


 This part of your dashboard should be your best buddy, I mean, it shows you a graph representing your blog’s traffic and you can click a point to see more details about a particular day’s traffic. The stats widget helps you to monitor the progress of your post and blogs generally as well as makes available a link to some popular area on your blog.

  1. WordPress News

Here you get updated on the official wordpress news and WordPress events happening around your location. You also find software developments such as security notices and new version announcements.

it also shows top Wordpreess blogs and different top posts from around the world helping your connect with other creative minds for inspiration and for building a community.

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Clicking on any widget’s title bar can either expand or collapse the widget. Also, you can drag the widget to another position when the mouse cursor changes to 4-arrows by hovering your cursor around the widget’s title bar.

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