A serious writer could be described as one who takes their writing seriously enough to want to accomplish something with it. Writing is a tough business and only those who are willing to break through all the rejection, fatigue, stress and lack of motivation could be called serious writers.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and practice to become a serious writer.  There are certain things that only serious writers do. These things set them apart from others are could be seen as the reasons behind their success.

Here they are:

 Regimented Writing

By this, we mean constant writing that follows a strict routine. Serious writers understand that writing is like exercising and if you must achieve your goals there has to be a routine which you follow religiously. That’s why they write every day without fail. A writing routine reinforces your writing into a strong habit that is not hampered by mood. When writing becomes a habit, it is only a matter of time before you begin to achieve spectacular results that set you apart from the competition.

In order to achieve a level of self-awareness is necessary. When and where do you enjoy writing the most? The answers to these questions will help you create a personalized routine that guarantees maximum productivity.

Deadlines, Deadlines, DEADLINES

This is arguably the most important habit of serious writers. Like all other activities in life, writing is time-bound. To survive in today’s writing industry, you have to finish your projects within certain time frames in order for it to have relevance. That is the difference between the serious writer and other writers

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That is why deadlines are very important.

Although deadlines could generate pressure, if you are able to develop the required emotional strength, you will be able to see deadlines as a vehicle for improving yourself. The more deadlines you are able to meet the better you feel about yourself and your work and the more productive you become. Serious writers always set DEADLINES that they always MEET.

Beyond increasing your productivity, deadlines also serve to reinforce your most valuable assets: your reputation. Once you are known for your consistency with deadlines, your place in the writing industry is all but cemented. This attitude towards deadlines is the difference between the serious writer and other writers.




Writing can be done by just anyone who understands a language and the mechanics that guide said language. However, great writing can only be done by those who revise and continue to revise their writing for as long as time permits. Revisions fine tune writing and is the reason why first drafts metamorphose into classics and bestsellers.

All the accomplished writers all over the world understand this,  that is why they form the habit of constantly revising their work. No matter how adept you are at the use of a language, your writing will always be off with some revision.

Get Some Support

Yet again rewrites and revisions can only take your writing so far. Most times an objective view is necessary because there is always room for improvement and after all the time you spent on the project, you may not be able to find this room even if you walked into it.


You need some support. It could be a professional editor or fellow writers. Get some support.

All serious writers do this because they understand that we all need support to succeed. This support is important because of the feedback that comes with it. When this feedback is reflected in your writing, it invariably gets better.

Take a look at your favorite movie, what do you think the main character would be without their foil or wingman that helps them achieve their goals.

It is the same with writing. No matter how good you are, objective and constructive criticism will always make your work better.

Extensive Reading

Serious writers are also serious readers. You need to read to improve your writing skills; to stay abreast of current trends in your niche and most importantly as part of the research for your project. The better you are at reading, the closer you are at creating writing masterpieces.

Handling  Rejection

Serious writers have the right attitude to rejection. They understand that it is a part of every writer’s journey and most importantly that it is not a correct measure of their abilities. So they have mastered the art of handling rejection whenever and however it comes. It is safe to say that all accomplished writers have been rejected at one point or the other. The difference between them and others is that they see rejection as some kind of feedback as to how to improve their writing and instead of being crushed, they learn from it and eventually produce better writing.

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Now that you know these secrets, what are you going to do with them?

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