Tips on How to Come Up With Ideas for Your Blog

Tips on How to Come Up With Ideas for Your Blog

Blogging is serious business because you need to maintain your readership while seeking to attract new visitors. One way to do this is by constantly turning out posts that are as interesting as they are relevant and valuable. The problem is that sometimes coming up with new ideas is like trying to draw water from a dry well; an exercise in futility and frustration.

Dig into old posts

One way to get new blog ideas is by using old posts. This strategy is effective because it helps retain visitors while enhancing interlinking. You may have noticed that there are several other ideas that you may fade away because you do not have time to develop them owing to your engagement with current ideas.

Now is the time to “resurrect” them by scanning through old blog topics. After finding something to blog about, the next step is to create a new file where you name and list them. Now you have a list of ideas to work on whenever the need arises.

Review the Comments Section

This strategy also helps you get ideas. When you explore the queries or questions in your comment section you will definitely find material for new ideas, particularly when you have posts that generate lots of conversations. Assuming you decide to answer some of the questions asked by your readership, you give the impression that you are responsive and this could spiral into increased visits and more readerships.

Exploit the Human Factor

By this we mean exploring the human aspect of blogging i.e. getting insights from readers, your friends, colleagues and family members.


When you engage your colleagues, family members or friends in conversations or debate on issues in your niche, keep your antennae ready because ideas can pop out of the blue. Since you can literally blog about anything as long as it is distinctive, stimulating, valuable and resonates with people, your personal experiences that are related to your niche could be exploited.

You could also engage your most loyal readers or ask them what would like you to write about. Depending on how loyal they are and how many members there are, you might get more ideas than you bargained for.

One other way is online forums and communities. A scan of the comments might trigger a “Eureka” moment. If nothing of the sort happens you might engage members of the blog with a question related to your niche. Their responses might generate valuable ideas.


Use Technology as an Ally

Technology has availed us with tools like keyword tools and title generators that could be employed in generating blog ideas. There is a plethora of such tools to pick from

Bottlenose is one such tool. It provides live social intelligence by evaluating the stream of activity across the major social networks. This way you have relatively exclusive information of the real time trends on social. Naturally, a lot of ideas will be derived from this information.

UberSuggest is a free keyword generator that will give you a long list of keyword ideas that is based on suggestions provided by Google when searches are made. BuzzSumo   is a search tool uses the amount of shares a particular content gets on social media to track what is trending.


The information these tools provide will be useful to blog idea generation if properly utilized.

Tap From Other Sites

By this we mean employing other sites in your search for blog ideas. By other sites we mean Q/A based sites and blogs that are in the same industry as you. Using Q/A (question-and-answer) sites gives you a description of what people are interested in. Quora   and  Yahoo Answers  are examples of such sites where you can search for topics and questions related to your niche. Reading the comments on such could also help you with blog ideas.

Other blogs can be a source of inspiration. How? When you visit other blogs add your comments on the subject of discussion. Stating your perspective on the subject which   is backed by your references, data and examples is a way to generate new ideas by building on old ones.

Develop Your Best Content

 Determine your evergreen posts. These are the posts that still draw new traffic to your blog even after the posts were made a long time ago. After you must have done that look for a new perspective. This is a blog idea in itself. However, be sure to include a new link in the old post that you develop.

Create a Sequence

This is a simple strategy that few people take advantage of because not many people link their posts well. Take the time to go through your old posts. Try to rearrange them in such a manner that the related posts can be grouped together based on an idea or theme. If done properly, the result will be a sequential reading of the posts on your blog.

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