Allow Users to Tweet your Post in WordPress

Allow Users to Tweet your Post in WordPress

What is Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social media networking service where user post and ineteract with contents either in text format, image format, or video format, and all these are called “TWEETS” and the limit is 280 characters (though formerly 140 characters untill Nov 7, 2017). So how do you activate WordPress Tweet?…read on

In addtion to its relative novelty, twitters big appeal is how rapid and scan-friendly it is i.e You can track hundreds of interesting tweeter and topic/niche and read their contents with a glance even without much scrolling downward unlike other social media.

Twitter has seen great growth in the past few years which is the reason why more and more bloggers are now sharing their individual story on twitter. If you haven’t seen any of the nice Retweet buttons on some of most blogs, then you are missing out.

In this post, we’ll show you how to add a Retweet Button in all of your posts, so your audience can Tweet your stories/posts/articles with one click.

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How to activate Twitter for WordPress Users

There are two ways to add this button in your site. First is through the WordPress Plugin called Tweetmeme

Upload the plugin into /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Activate it, and then visit the settings page.

You can change the RT @tweetmeme which is default to RT @yourusername. In our case it would be RT @cmsfolks. This plugin also allows you to choose the location of the button placement. Top Right Corner, Top Left Corner, and so on.

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If you are on Twitter, kindly follow us using our twitter handler @cmsfolks or click the link to Follow us on Twitter.

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