How to Upload Media File to WordPress Post/Pages

How to Upload Media File to WordPress Post/Pages

WordPress is one of the best platforms for bloggers especially if you are just starting out as a beginner. With WordPress, you can easily do a lot of stuff that other platform will not easily make you do. Media files are part of what makes WordPress to be so interesting for beginners. But how do you upload media files as a beginner? This post is for you if you don’t know how

What are Media Files?

Media files are extra content a web publisher upload online for the benefit of its users/visitor. It is different from the traditional content file. Example of media files are Images, Infographics, Audio files, Video files, Word Documents, eBooks or PDFs, slideshow, s etc.

Why Media Files?

You may be wondering why do I have to upload media files on my website? Well, it has been noticed that traditional content does have vital information but the human brain tends to process visual better at a rate of 78% better than a traditional content writes ups. The Brain processes attractive visuals more effectively than traditional text. Proper combination of colours will bring more attention and make a web application more interesting for visitors

Another benefit of media files is the increase in time spent on your website or blog by your users. People tends to stay to take a second look or even look better to understand media file on any website, some even try to download the files to their device. Media files also make your on-page SEO do better in search engine organic result. You rank hire when the right media is put in place and in a better position. Like you know, media files do make your website or blog brand well among your competitors. Let’s take a break and talk about the how you can upload media files on your blog.

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How to Upload Media Files to WordPress Post/Pages

There are two methods you can use to upload media files to WordPress post or pages.

Method 1: Upload Directly to media Library

Method 2: Upload to Directly Post or Pages


Method 1: Upload Directly to media Library

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard or Admin

Step 2: Click on Media (left side menu)

Step 3: Click on Add New Button

Step 4: Click the select files button and a dialog box will open, click the media file you want to upload and click open. But be mindful of the size of what you upload compared to what you are allowed to upload.

Step 5: You can also drag and drop files you want to upload to the upload page in WordPress, this might be a lot faster than step 4 above.

Now you have uploaded your desired media files to your WordPress site to be used by any of your post or pages, or even any aspect of your site or blog.


Method 2: Upload to Directly Post or Pages

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress Dashboard or Admin

Step2: Click on Post tab or Page tab

Step 3: Click on edit or create (as the case may be)

Step 4: Now that you can see the editor, click where you want the media to be in the main editor, then click the Add Media button

Step 5: Look for the file that you want to add

Step6: If the file is not there, Click Upload Files Button in the pop-up media file box

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Step 7: Drag and drop or click the select files button to upload your files


That’s it, you have just uploaded all the files that you want to add to your WordPress site. But make sure you remember to set the display settings for the post.

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