A series is a set of blog posts that are deliberately linked together. It allows readers to get involved in your blog by creating an exhaustive piece of content that they can bookmark, share or go back to. There are two types: the time-limited series of Posts that runs for a set period of time and the ongoing, series of posts that can run indefinitely.

Why Should You Create a Blog Post Series?

A series can become a great vehicle for launching your expertise and content to the world. A well-written and executed series that establishes keyword association by repeating key phrases and interlinking your blog posts will organically boost your search engine traffic.

It institutes your authority in areas that you are both passionate and knowledgeable about. The more you can share about a particular subject that you are good at, the better. Your posts naturally become more valuable and will effortlessly attract readers since you are writing about familiar territory. This way, you build a brand that creates a niche for itself.

A good blog post series links to content that can provide keyword links to your content, brand, and blog in a manner that could be helpful when you plan on monetizing your blog. Since people who are new to your blog may click through your entire series posts on their first visit, a well-coordinated series offers an increase in your page views and clicks.

Most importantly, insightful, well-written blog post series attract more traffic to your site because it has the power to hook your readers. By hook, we mean the expectation and excitement that keeps your readership eagerly waiting for the next post in the series. You might even get some subscriptions to your blog on account of this.


These are some of the reasons why a blog post series of any type is crucial to the success of your blog. It is a strategic means of staying ahead of other bloggers who are yet to discover it’s secret and potential. Make the most of it.

How to Create an Effective Blog Post Series

The first step is to come up with a great idea or topic for a blog post series. A great idea has the potential to provide value for the readers. However, it depends on the type of series.

If you are to write a fixed series with a limited number of posts, you should choose a topic that you’ve already covered, but not in much depth. Writing a series then gives you the chance to really explore and study its different aspects of it. You could also try beginner-friendly topics that would make a good introduction to you what your blog provides. Although the posts might have different topics, you can link them together by giving them a central theme: beginners.

Conversely, if your choice is a regular, ongoing series, a topic that you could blog about pretty much indefinitely should be your focus. Topics in this context could range from current information in your niche, monthly results from affiliate marketing, or common mistakes that are made by beginners in your field.

After all that has been settled. The next steps include:

Creating an Outline – It is in your best interest to have an outline of what you intend to write about. Your series should have a beginning and, if it isn’t an ongoing series, an end. An introductory post that introduces the series, explains what’s coming and links different parts of the series is a great idea.

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Have A Timeline – Having a timeline of when you’ll be posting keeps you on schedule while letting your readers know what they should expect. It could be public or personal.Whatever the case, a timeline serves to keep you on track.

Strategic Links and Navigation – It’s crucial to link the posts in your series together so readers can easily navigate between them because not everyone will read your series as you publish it.

Link each of your posts by creating links to the “Next” and “Previous” posts in the series. This helps your readers to easily navigate through the series especially when they are in search of a particular content. You could even create a tag or category for the series, which allows your readers to access all the parts of the series by clicking that tag/category name.

You should also add links to the body of the post whenever you mention a topic you’ve already written about in the series. This way, you do not have to repeat yourself all the time. It also makes it easy for the readers to find the information they need at any given point.

 Consistency – There should be some tempo that runs through the posts. A good theme and tone are fine but there should be a cadence that attracts your readers and keeps them hooked to successive posts. You could achieve this via a template for your series posts which you should religiously use. You could also make your posts part of a whole by branding your images in a particular way; using consistent titles for your posts and using a particular format for each post.


We hope you now understand the importance of blog post series and how to create a series that drives your blog’s goals.


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