The blogging sphere is one that can get pretty interesting and yet it can be disappointing sometimes. Affluent bloggers describes failure as a push which helped them in launching their success, which means we shouldn’t fear or dwell on failure but use it to our benefits.

Most times, these mistakes are made unintentionally or due to lack of proper information, that is why, we have decided to talk on this topic. If you avoid these mistakes then you are on your way to establishing not just a blog that but one that is sustainable and grows.

In reality, people do not really care about you or what you are trying to sell. I know that this hurts but they are basically concerned about what they would benefit from your post,

Man is an economy being and so his going online and dedicating a part of his time to your blog is to find a solution to his problem; present, past or future. Therefore, if you are going to write a post, put the readers first!

A lot of bloggers start today and want to start making that money same day, we all like to see our efforts yield quickly which isn’t such a bad idea but this expectation in blogging is always met with disappointment.

Patience and consistency is key when developing a successful blog. Sometimes you have maximum support and blog traffic and other times your statistics can get depressing. However, we are concerned about your site getting traffic increase every other time so here are a few tips


Most bloggers do not know their WHY? some blog but do not know why they blog or why they should be blogging. Your why helps you in finding your drive and your drive keeps you going especially in the initial stage of your blogging career.

When you are writing about anything and everything on your site it becomes difficult to know your target audience. And knowing your target audience helped you to know what their problems are, what solutions they need and the best approach to providing these solutions.

Narrowing down to a niche will attract a specific audience and this in turn helps you to understand what your readers connect to. Also, if you pick an area you are passionate about you would be able top write for a long time.

We know you are hardworking and passionate about seeing your blog progress and become highly ranked, but in the blogging sphere you do not just work hard, you also work smart.

So, instead of overloading your daily agenda and setting unrealistic blog goals why not focus on SEO. SEO and driving traffic also requires consistent and structured blog post. The keywords you have gotten should be used in creating an editorial calendar that would guide your writing.

People like to read what they can relate to and engage in so it is advisable to stay natural and compelling so as to reduce bounce rate and ensure “return-readers”. You definitely want to keep your old readers while scouting for new ones.

Now, for everyone reader that clicks on your site you should have their details. This means that an email list is very important and should be applied to your site strategically. Most people would not click on that button if they saw “subscribe here”.


No man they say is an island, you get to draw more traffic when you do collaborations. Connect with bloggers in your niche or companies and build relationships. Relationships that would bore collaborations  and affiliate gigs which would increase your chances of getting more people discover you.

You can as well join a community on social media like Facebook and Instagram, these platforms gives you an opportunity to run free ads for your website.

Although, you should not rely on free opportunities alone if you want your site to grow. Learn to invest in your blog because it is rewarding. Buy books, go for events, invest in Search Engine Marketing, if you are not so good with pictures then do not hesitate to pay people to handle that aspect for you

Lastly, building your traffic is one reason that keeps you from failing as a blogger. However, building your traffic should not just be about building your statistics but it should be about building a community that can connect to you.

Therefore, neglecting comments should be avoided as your readers want to be able to feel the love that you share and be sure you are blogging because you want to provide solutions and not because of money.

We believe in you and we know that you would not give up on your blogging career after the first try! Do you have doubts and need clarifications? Drop a comment and we would respond. You can also send us a mail and we would be glad to help.

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