Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform

Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform

What are Blogging Platforms?

A blogging platform is a specific type of content management system. It is a type of software or service that enables you to create a blog and easily manage your blog’s content. Open Diary was the first and most popular blogging platforms as at 1998.it was essentially an online community where people could read each other’s diaries and leave comments. By 2003, platforms like WordPress introduced blogging to the mainstream by making it easier, cheaper and more popular.

Describing WordPress

WordPress is the simplest and most popular blogging platform today. It is also one of the most used platforms at the moment as at least one in four websites are on WordPress. It is a free, open source, cloud-based software on WordPress.org that allows you to install your web host to create websites without the need for HTML editor software like Dreamweaver. To operate other platforms like Drupal and Joomla, you need to be familiar with HTML. It offers both free and premium versions and can be installed without special tools: all you need is the internet. You can use a custom domain for which you register with an annual fee. Or you may choose to use the free version. The only downside is that the “WordPress” would be included in your URL.

WordPress: Leader  Of the Pack

Do you know that WordPress is one of the most used platforms at the moment? At least one in four websites are on WordPress. This means that as far as blogging platforms go, it is a popular choice and with good reasons too.

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One of such reasons is that it is user-friendly. It allows beginners with little or no computing knowledge to set up a website. With WordPress, it is as easy as logging onto WordPress.org, signing up for a free account and then proceeding to set up your blog. It is easy to use as its admin dashboard allows you to customize key features and start blogging immediately. The simplicity of the process allows you to easily create business websites; blogs; portfolios; social networks; eCommerce stores and online forums.

WordPress also offers variety. There are multiple themes and plugins on the site and from third-parties all over the world so your site can easily be modified to suit your unique needs. Themes are free site designs that help you create professional looking sites without having to write code while plugins are tools that make your website more functional. So whether it is a website for a multinational company, the neighborhood grocery store or your personal blog, all you need to do is to combine any of the plethoras of themes and plugins available with the core WordPress package.

This variety at your disposal also allows you to tweak the function and appearance of your site at any point in time as its plugins allow you to scale up your websites by making additions that can meet the ever-changing demands of the digital space. The plethora of themes also let you change the layout and look of your site as often as you want.

One other reason why you should use WordPress is that it is “internet enhanced”. Since it is an open source platform, its community of users can constantly update its source files and security thus improving its SEO rankings. In addition, as long as you keep your operations legal, you will find that it supports a large variety of file types, even the less popular ones like .odt,.key,.ogg. You can even host documents and presentations on websites without having to publish them on a specific page.

WordPress is the best blogging platform because it enhances performance and offers more function than most traditional websites and content management systems.

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