Writing can be easy. If you know your market, you probably already have everything you need to create killer content. But it’s also easy to get lost on the trip from what you know to what you write.

Above everything else, people consume information differently online. Although good writing is good writing wherever it may be, and you still type in words on a blank background in hopes to educate or entertain large or specific groups of people, you have to understand that most internet users tend to scan web pages, while print readers are more likely to read an article word by word, from top to bottom.

build a killer content
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Writing has nothing to do with magic. In fact, it’s more science than art at times.

If you can write two simple sentences that go together, you can write an article. It’s just a matter of organizing your thoughts and keeping them focused.

To write a great content that ple will love, you will need to prepare it the way yo will do for a college exam

Elements of Killer Content

Catchy Headline

Learning how to write a catchy headline can be the difference between a well-distributed piece of writing, or a dud. So, let’s take a look at the steps required to write a headline that will attract the readers you’re looking for.

The first thing to keep your audience in mind when drafting a headline. The world’s most shocking title may contain the words “sex,” “lies,” and “videotape,” but it could be a complete turn-off to an audience of monks.

Headlines like “Compete Guard to”, “Step by Step”, “How to”, “X-ways to”, “Best ways to” etc. These headlines has proven the test of time.

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You will need to include a “focus keyword” to help your writing to get discovered in search engines. Build the headline around the most important keyword in your written text and ensure that it is fewer than 70 characters.

Additional words are considered too long for Google to index.

After reading a headline, readers may wonder, “Why should I read on?” Many decide to do so because they believe from the title of the post that you, the author, can solve their problem.

Go Lengthy…but not too Long

For writers who are trying to build their audience online, it’s essential to learn how to write great blog posts. However, even if you’ve been blogging for a long time, it’s difficult to figure out what your audience really wants, especially in terms of blog length.

If the content is king, then what is the perfect length that will help us get more people to read (and share!) our blog posts?

So then what’s the perfect length?

Well… it depends. We’ve experimented with a lot of different lengths, from 100-words mini-posts to 2,000+ word encyclopedia entries. Each has different advantages depending on what you want to get out of your blog.

We realized the longer, the better. In fact, some of our best-read blog posts have been over 1,500 words long.

Let’s ask you three questions about what you’re trying to accomplish with your blog

Do you want more comments on your blog?

Then, shorter is usually better, especially if your post is focused on asking your readers’ questions and generating discussion.

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Keep in mind, short posts rarely get shared widely on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They also have a tough time ranking on search engines and are bad for SEO. If you’re trying to build an audience, I wouldn’t recommend focusing solely on short posts.

However, if you’re trying to create more engagement with your readers, try posting something short.

Do you want more social media shares?

Want more shares on social media? Aim for medium length blog posts between 600 to 1,250 words.

This is the length I usually shoot for. Medium length posts are also pretty good for SEO and for generating discussion. Of course, you still have to write a good post, one with a great headline and a compelling premise that solves your readers’ problem.

Do you want more traffic from Google for your blog?

Want more traffic from Google? Write longer, heavily researched posts 2,450 words long.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tricky business, and while the rewards for getting it right can be extremely high, focusing too much on it can be a huge waste of time. However, what post length is best for getting Google and other search engines to take notice of your blog?

Search engines love long, authoritative posts, especially when they’re focused on solving a pressing problem for readers. Longer posts might not get a lot of comments, and they might even be shared slightly less than average on social media, but if you can wait until Google takes notice, you might just get lucky and see a big bump in search traffic.

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Writing a killer content does not have to be a headache especially if you are the best at what you do.

Don’t leave images and videos (optional) behind. They’ll increase user length and engagement.

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